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In Japan today or coming in 2017-2018? Yes in Japan tourism experts can help you live a great time in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka… at a reasonable price. Yes, we make things happen in Japan! Check our planning services, tours, maps, and blog :)

Japanese trip/stay planning

Yes in Japan specialists help plan personalized holidays, business trips, and Japanese language/linguistic stays/homestays in Japan enjoyable alone, in family or with friends, with/without tour guide. We strive to provide recommendations matching travellers’ needs & wishes, culture, interests, etc. using our knowledge, experience, network, and diverse information existing only in Japanese language. To ensure availability and good prices, you should proceed 6-12 months before your flight or cruise to Japan…

Yes in Japan tours

Our original tours in English, French and Japanese introduce famous and little-known gems of Japan to foreign tourists, students and professionals as well as to Japanese locals. Why not join a short walking/cycling ecotour, cultural or spiritual tour starting at your hotel just after check-in to feel the area and immediately get travel tips? Or enjoy a 1-day private tour later to complement your visits, ask about surprising things, and go shopping with a translator/interpreter? Reserve early especially if you target the busy season of cherry blossoms :)

Free maps of Japan

For your stay in Tokyo, we recommend you to download Get Japan maps or get a beautiful print on paper at one of the 120 local partners including hotels, tourist information centres… These detailed free maps in English present our top selection of restaurants (sushi, vegetarian & halal food included), gift shops, specialist stores (e.g. kimono rental), activities, festivals… You can even get discounts/gifts at some spots if you show the map :)

News & help from Tokyo

The Yes in Japan team continuously learns and shares new interesting/fun facts, photos and videos thanks to its growing human and corporate network, interactions with diverse travelling adults & children, and love of Japan & the Japanese culture! To benefit from it, read our travel blog regularly and join our tours every time you visit Japan :) Any question? Check the “Frequently Asked Questions” then, if needed, contact our inbound manager or visit our Japanese travel agency Travel Stand Japan in Tokyo near Suidobashi station…

Today, the Yes in Japan editor recommends you the following news and featured articles:

Trip to Japan: Sébastien Duval’s top 5 tips to prepare your travel! {15 May 2017} - Prepare your trip to Japan with Sébastien Duval’s top 5 tips about timing, food restrictions, destinations, languages, travel agents & tour guides. This 3-minute video with English subtitles was also realized in French and Japanese: Subtitles: Hi there! I’m Sébastien Duval, I’m in Tokyo, and I’m going to tell you how to prepare your trip […]
New activity: Vegan sushi workshop in Tokyo city {22 February 2017} - Discover Japanese vegetables, make vegan sushi with experienced chefs then savour the healthy food you prepared during vegan sushi-making workshops organized in Tokyo city by the Yes In Japan team! The ingredients may include avocado, coconut, ginger, nori seaweed, okra, shiitake mushrooms… and the favourite rice of your cooking lesson’s teacher :) We can easily organize […]
08-17 April 2017: Tours all booked! Sakura cherry blossoms… {3 March 2017} - Yes In Japan tours are fully booked for all Japan from 08 to 17 April 2017 as our experienced English/Japanese bilingual staff will accompany again Indian businessmen (+ family) on business trip from Narita international airport to several cities in the Kanto & Kansai regions. May the weather allow great photos with beautiful “sakura” cherry […]
Made in Japan: Denim furoshiki or bag from Fukuyama city by Alpha Planning? {1 March 2017} - The Japanese company Alpha Planning introduced its fine denim furoshiki (wrapping cloth) models, bags and more in Tokyo city during Ibara Denim Fair 2017 (ended on Monday), organized at the “antenna shop” Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan. Chatting about shopping with the CEO, Yes in Japan tour leader Sébastien Duval learnt that new designs are being considered […]
Made in Japan: New denim kimono from Ibara city by Aokihifuku {28 February 2017} - The Japanese company Aokihifuku presented its new denim kimonos (pure blue, white hemp pattern, brown & green camouflage…) for men & women in Tokyo city during Ibara Denim Fair 2017 (finished yesterday), hosted by Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan “antenna shop”. Discussing with the staff, our French manager noted 3 big advantages of denim kimono over traditional […]
24-27 February 2017: Ibara’s mascot character & denim in Tokyo city {25 February 2017} - As part of Ibara Denim Fair (24-27 February 2017), the cute Denchu-kun mascot character welcomes Japanese & foreign visitors at Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan “antenna shop” near Shimbashi station in Tokyo city… and foreign tourists particularly enjoy getting photographed with him :) Going this afternoon to see beautiful denim kimonos (blue or not), jackets, bags, etc. made […]

Update from 22 April 2016:

Holidays & business trips in Japan

You have holidays or a business trip planned in Asia? Ask us to prepare a wonderful itinerary in Japan, optimize your transportation, find convenient & pleasant hotels in the cities or traditional inns with lots of character in the countryside, recommend diverse restaurants & seasonal regional dishes, guide you in English during personalized excursions including time with Japanese locals…

We are used to helping tourists and professionals travelling alone or in good company from Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Fiji…
7.9m-long whale sharks at Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa (Japan).
Peace Tower at Cape Kyan (Japan) in March.
Kumano Kodo panorama with Nachi waterfalls (Japan) in August.
Himeji Castle (Japan) in August.
Sakuragicho in Yokohama (Japan).

To help us propose then organize a pertinent & charming stay for you an your group, tell us where you have already been in Asia, the goals of your trip in Japan, the number and age of the travellers, your budget, your needs (physical condition, halal, vegan/vegetarian), your passions (Japanese or not), the potential dates for your trip, your ideas for destinations & activities in Japan…

Important: Japan lacks hotel rooms for travellers and English-speaking certified guides; reserve 6-12 months before your flight or cruise to ensure you get what you want and to benefit from the best choices at attractive prices!
Japanese singers/dancers in kimono with Sébastien Duval on the Gozabune Atakemaru ship in Tokyo (Japan).
Yuta Honda and Taylor Martin at Toyokuni Atelier art gallery in Tokyo (Japan).
Kamagaya Big Buddha (Japan) with Sébastien Duval.

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You prepare your travel in Asia? Our guides are already booked during your stay in Japan? You wonder what to do today on holidays in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kamakura, Hiroshima…?

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