Shopping in Tokyo: Kendo chest protector in bamboo at Shobu-do-sangyo (Suidobashi, Bunkyo ward)

Shopping for kendo equipment in Tokyo this week? You can buy fine kendo armours such as this “do” chest protector made of bamboo at Shobu-do-sangyo specialist shop!
Shopping in Tokyo: Kendo chest protector at Shobu-do-sangyo (Suidobashi, Bunkyo ward).

If you attend a martial arts training or tournament at the Nippon-budokan, walk 15-20 minutes or ride a subway from Kudanshita station to Suidobashi station (Bunkyo ward, Tokyo) to reach Shobu-do-sangyo specialist shop! The Japanese staff speaks little English; ask our travel agency if you need translation services (English and French at the moment).



  • Kendo = 剣道, Chest protector = 胴 (do).
  • Shobu-do-sangyo = 尚武堂産業株式会社 (Shobu-do-sangyo kabushiki-gaisha).
  • Suidobashi station = 水道橋駅 (Suidobashi-eki), Bunkyo ward = 文京区 (Bunkyo-ku), Tokyo = 東京.