Spiritual tour in Tokyo: Calendar for May & June 2014

You can now join our walking tour in Tokyo “Japanese Gods Grand Tourin English or French on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in May and June 2014. Try to book at least two business days before your chosen date to enable us to discuss with Buddhist monks beforehand (you may be able to see more this way).

Penetrate deep Japan to learn about the Japanese gods, mythical creatures, Buddhism, and Japan’s ancient religion Shintoism! This should also reveal much about the Japanese society and Japanese people’s way of thinking…

Spiritual tour: Shinto gates and foxes in Tokyo.

This spiritual tour in Bunkyo ward usually starts at the convenient Tokyo Dome Hotel but we remain flexible, like our calendar.



  • Buddhism = 仏教 (Bukkyo), Shintoism = 神道 (Shinto).
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel = 東京ドームホテル (Tokyo-domu-hotelu), Tokyo = 東京.