World War 2 tour in Tokyo: Calendar for May & June 2014

You can now join our walking tour in Tokyo “After the War: Fighters and Civiliansin English or French on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in May and June 2014. Try to book at least two business days before your chosen date to enable the museum archivist to prepare a selection of Japanese newspapers from World War 2.

Visit the controversial Yasukuni shrine, see objects used during WW2 (e.g. a Zero fighter plane) and explore history through old photos (1935-1955) to discover the life of Japanese grandparents and form your opinion about Imperial and occupied Japan!

Zero fighter plane in Tokyo (Japan).

This Yes in Japan tour in Chiyoda ward usually starts at the nearby Hotel Grand Palace but we remain flexible, like our calendar.



  • Yasukuni shrine = 靖国神社 (Yasukuni-jinja), Tokyo = 東京.
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu).