YES IN JAPAN Website & Services in English

Yes in Japan provides services in English to enjoy Tokyo, travel in Japan, and discover the Japanese culture during your holidays. To bring you great value, we strive to incorporate things that foreigners can not usually see/do/understand by themselves in Japan because of communication problems (few Japanese people speak English), lack of knowledge about Japan or lack of contacts with the right Japanese persons.

Yes in Japan evening tour at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

We already propose interesting and fun walking tours with guides and Japanese activities in Tokyo on day time and evenings. We also provide help for shopping if you wish to buy “Made in Japan” products such as wagashi sweets, washi paper, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, ancient maps, traditional games… We carefully select and organize our Yes in Japan tours and activities to make your stay very pleasant, without worry. So far, we have organized all our walking tours to enable online reservations 1 business day before the tour, for your convenience.

Made in Japan: nut containing the 7 Gods of Fortune.

Our Yes in Japan Website also recommends hotels/ryokans and restaurants with great Japanese food for your stay in Tokyo. To help you better plan your trip, we also share information about live music events in Tokyo, Japanese festivals all over Japan…

Fight with snakes/dragons of Iwami-kagura at Furusato-matsuri Tokyo 2014

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Chika and Mary during a piano and song concert at Horizon.