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Tokyo in January 2015: Events in Bunkyo & Chiyoda wards

For happy holidays in Tokyo in January 2015, we recommend 7 Japanese events in Bunkyo and Chiyoda wards:

  • 01 January 2015: Shinto ceremony for New Year at Kanda shrine and Yasukuni shrine.
  • 01-07 January 2015: Ultraman superhero shows at Tokyo Dome City in Prism Hall with live fights, activities for children, etc.
  • 02 January 2015: Shinto ceremony for New Year at Yasukuni shrine.
  • 05 January 2015: “Kakizome” at Nippon-Budokan (first calligraphy of the year).
  • 09-18 January 2015: Furusato-matsuri Tokyo at Tokyo Dome with dances, music, floats, food stands, a shopping area, etc.
  • 10-12 January 2015: Daikoku Festival at Kanda shrine (Daikoku is one of the 7 lucky gods).
  • 12 January 2015: New Year ceremony at Nippon-Budokan.

Nippon-budokan in Tokyo (Japan).

Tour Tokyo for a day including one of these events with a Yes in Japan conductor/guide!

18 November 2014: Relaxing live jazz at The Adirondack Café!

The Yes in Japan team just enjoyed a relaxing live jazz concert and delicious Philly sandwich at The Adirondack Café (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo). The warm room was packed with friendly Japanese music lovers who bought the players’ CDs 🙂

The Japanese musicians played the piano, guitar, bass, and clarinet from 19:30 to 22:00:
Live jazz at The Adirondack Café (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) in November 2014.

The music charge was only 2.800 yens! To enjoy another great jazz live, get off at Jimbocho subway station and walk to The Adirondack Café next Tuesday evening…

Music in Tokyo: Live jazz at The Adirondack Café

You can enjoy live jazz for two hours at The Adirondack Café every Tuesday evening and the second Saturday of every month; the “music charge” is only 2.800 yens per person. Listen to the music, watch the Japanese musicians, savour the food, and have fun with the locals!

The Adirondack Café is a restaurant/bar 3 minutes east of Jimbocho station (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo). Yes in Japan team members had a great time there 🙂

Tokyo in December 2014: Events in Chiyoda & Bunkyo wards

In Tokyo in December 2014? Enjoy a Japanese event in Chiyoda or Bunkyo ward! We recommend:

  • 06 December 2014: Antique/flea market at Yasukuni shrine.
  • 07 December 2014: Martial arts tournament at Nippon-Budokan (Karate, practised with hands & feet).
  • 20 December 2014: Antique/flea market at Yasukuni shrine.
  • 23 December 2014: Shinto ceremony for the Emperor’s birthday at Yasukuni shrine.
  • 26-31 December 2014: Ultraman superhero shows at Tokyo Dome City in Prism Hall with live fights, activities for children, etc.
  • 28 December 2014: Shinto purification ceremony for the end of 2014 at Kanda shrine.
  • 31 December 2014: Shinto purification ceremony for the end of 2014 at Kanda shrine and Yasukuni shrine.

Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo (Japan).

Reserve a half-day personalized tour if you wish a Yes in Japan tour guide or conductor to accompany you before, during or after an event!

Back on Twitter: Today/tomorrow in Tokyo + Travel tips for Japan

The Yes in Japan team is back on Twitter after a very busy month! Follow us now to get useful information “about today and tomorrow” and our best travel tips for Japan:

We recommend hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, teahouses, shops with Japanese products, gardens, exhibitions, films, tours, activities… and list events such as live music and martial art tournaments in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward and beyond. Send us your feedback or suggestions whether you travel on holidays or for business, study or work in Japan 🙂
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We should also give news in case of special weather, earthquake or tsunami.

Great local map in English at hotels in Tokyo Chiyoda

Most hotels in Tokyo Chiyoda North give our local map in English to their customers. Ask your nice hotel staff if the Yes in Japan map is not in the lobby or in your room at:

  • APA Hotel Akihabara-ekimae
  • Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda
  • Gakushi Kaikan
  • Hotel Dormy Inn Akihabara
  • Hotel Dormy Inn Suidobashi
  • Hotel Grand Palace
  • Hotel Metropolitan Edmont
  • Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Conference Center
  • Hotel Niwa Tokyo
  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Jimbocho
  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Kudanshita
  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Otemachi
  • Kanda Central Hotel
  • Kanda Grand Central Hotel
  • Kanda New Central Hotel
  • Kanda Station Hotel
  • Keio Presso Inn Kanda
  • Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku
  • Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan
  • Ochanomizu Inn
  • Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
  • Remm Akihabara
  • Richmond Hotel Tokyo Suidobashi
  • Sakura Hotel & Café Jimbocho
  • Suidobashi Grand Hotel
  • The B Ochanomizu
  • The Korean YMCA In Japan – Asia Youth Center
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel
  • Tokyo Garden Palace
  • Tokyo Green Hotel Korakuen
  • Tokyu Stay Suidobashi
  • Trettio Ochanomizu
  • Washington Hotel Akihabara

In autumn 2014 and winter 2014-2015, our map looks like this:
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Front
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Back
Enjoy your time in Chiyoda ward with great foreigner-friendly restaurants, cultural centres, Shinto shrines, shops, and green spaces 🙂

Specialist shop in Tokyo Chiyoda? Japanese art, culture, liquor, martial arts…

Friendly Japanese shopkeepers, artists and artisans sell good quality products at specialist shops in Chiyoda ward (Tokyo); some are so good that they have been around for more than 100 years! For autumn/winter 2014, Sébastien Duval recommends:

  • Ebisudo Gallery: ukiyo-e art store with woodblock prints, paintings, calendars…
  • Kanda Chonko: “Made in Japan” store with handmade products including kokeshi dolls, saké cups, fans, bags, accessories, card games…
  • Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan Yushima-no-kobayashi: origami cultural centre since 1858 with origami kits and books, printed paper with Japanese designs…
  • Saké Ichishimaya: liquor store since 1908 with bottles of nihonshu and shochu from exceptional breweries!
  • Sankei-shoten: Japanese antique and art dealer with boxes, lacquered tableware, containers for go/igo, saké glasses, bowls and utensils for tea ceremony…
  • Shobu-do-sangyo: martial arts shop with kendo armours, bamboo/iaido swords, books…
  • Toyokuni Atelier Studio: sumi-e art store with paintings, postcards…
  • Yamagataya-kamiten: washi traditional paper store since 1879 with origami sets, handmade cards, cosplay/decoration materials…

Contact us if you need Yes in Japan‘s translation support for shopping in English or French 🙂

Sumi-e postcard: Immovable Wisdom King at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Tokyo)

Share the fierce side of Buddhism with your friends and colleagues far from Asia thanks to Japanese cards painted by the sumi-e master HONDA Toyokuni! This black & white postcard features the immovable king of wisdom Fudo-myo-o in flames, holding his sword and rope, served by two boys:
Sumi-e postcard with the immovable king of wisdom at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

This sumi-e postcard is sold in Japan at the art shop Toyokuni Atelier Studio near Jimbocho and Kudanshita stations in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward.

Sumi-e postcard: Disciple of Buddha with a hidden heart at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Tokyo)

Share Buddhist wisdom with sumi-e postcards created by the Japanese artist HONDA Toyokuni! The original artwork below represents a disciple of Buddha wearing a coat painted using the kanji meaning “Heart”… You can get this spiritual card in Japan at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo):
Sumi-e postcard with a disciple of Buddha at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Easy to find, the art store is in Jimbocho Book Town between Jimbocho and Kudanshita subway stations.