Shopping in Tokyo: 5% discount at Laox Akihabara Main Store in spring & summer 2015 ☺

Get a special 5% discount at Laox Akihabara Main Store until 31 December 2015 thanks to our spring/summer 2015 brochure covering Akihabara and Kanda areas! First, obtain this brochure at partner shops, hotels or information centres in the area. Second, go to Laox Akihabara Main Store near Akihabara station (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo). Third, select the products you wish to buy. Finally, present the brochure before your payment ☺

Note that Laox Akihabara Main Store accepts only one coupon/discount at a time, and that some items are not covered by this discount e.g. game machines, Apple products, medicines and brandname products.

Laox Akihabara Main Store is the tax-free store 35 in the section B4 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).