Shopping in Tokyo: Buy green tea, tea boxes, tools… at Mitsugien

Family cultivating green tea since 1869! It sells its leaves (and others), tea boxes, cups, pots…
Buy green tea, tea boxes, tools... at Mitsugien (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Typical prices:

  • Matcha 20g: 972 yens
  • Rikyu 100g: 1620 yens
  • Hongyokuro 60g: 3240 yens
  • Kogu 100g: 3240 yens

Open: 08:30-19:00 (Sunday: Closed, public holidays: Closed)

Phone: (+81) 03-3234-6819
Credit cards: Accepted.
Labels: English, Japanese.

Mitsugien is the shop 6 in the section B2 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).