Get our map of Ginza/Nihombashi (Tokyo) in Akihabara & Jimbocho areas during summer or autumn 2015

You stay at a hotel in Tokyo near Akihabara, Jimbocho, Kanda, Ochanomizu or Ogawamachi station or visit the area? Get our local map as well as the contiguous map “East of the Imperial Palace” to explore Ginza and Nihombashi shopping areas too after a few minutes on foot, in a subway or in a train!

For the first time, you will also find our free map of Ginza/Nihombashi (summer & autumn 2015) in English at:

If the map is out of sight, ask the kind staff for the Get Japan map of Ginza/Nihombashi… or download the files from the Yes in Japan Website! You will certainly enjoy our original selection of sightseeing spots, theatres, restaurants, shops, activities at a Buddhist temple or dojo…

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).