Sky Hop Bus in Tokyo: Free map of Ginza & Nihombashi areas in summer/autumn 2015

You can get our paper map “East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan)” of summer/autumn 2015 in English for free at the main counter of Sky Hop Bus on the first floor of Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building in Chiyoda ward, near Tokyo train station. You don’t see it? Ask the staff to give you the “Get Japan map”. If you want to ask in Japanese, say “Get-to Japan map-pu onega-i-shimassu” 🙂

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

This is your chance to combine a great bus tour of Tokyo city with a nice walk starting at the first/last bus stop! Enjoy tourist spots, food prepared by Japanese chefs, activities with Japanese masters, shopping in Ginza and Nihombashi areas…

Autumn 2015 is over? Follow the links above to check the availability of our latest map! Enjoy your stay in Tokyo 🙂