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Experiences at HiSUi Tokyo: Sword training? Calligraphy? Tea ceremony? Kimono wearing?

Experience Japanese traditional activities in English or Japanese with the Japanese team of HiSUi Tokyo during your stay in Tokyo. They are great for fans of Japan and its culture, people intrigued by the local values and ways of thinking, otaku travellers, practicionners of martial arts or other Japanese activities…

HiSUi Tokyo enables you to (1) cut targets using a real sword during an exceptional batto sword training under the supervision of an impressive sword master, (2) write popular kanji characters then your name in Japanese using a brush and black ink during a shodo calligraphy lesson with a smiley dynamic teacher, (3) feel you enter a new world and discover green tea prepared by a tea master in kimono during a peaceful sado tea ceremony in a dedicated tearoom, or (4) get photographed in a beautiful soft kimono during a kitsuke kimono wearing session.

HiSUi Tokyo is the spot indicated by its green logo in zone B3 on our Get Japan map of Tokyo “East of the Imperial Palace” in summer/autumn 2015, in Chuo ward near Ginza station.

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

Going today? Tomorrow? Reserve a private session as soon as possible! The team of Hisui Tokyo is waiting for you 🙂

Note: Our travel agency can provide support if you wish to enjoy an activity at Hisui Tokyo in French language with e.g. our French manager.

Afternoon near Ginza, Nihombashi & Mitsukoshimae stations (Tokyo) in summer or autumn 2015

Now in Tokyo or preparing an Asian trip in summer/autumn 2015? Try our shopping course during an afternoon in Tokyo near Ginza, Nihombashi, and Mitsukoshimae stations… including ancient respected shops and purveyors to the Imperial Household Agency of Japan!

Rain expected this afternoon? Perfect! We suggest you to experience a traditional tea ceremony with a Japanese lady in kimono at Hisui Tokyo near Ginza station then to walk a few minutes to purchase gold souvenirs (artists & professionals: check the gold powder) from a master artisan at Kinza Ginza, consider cooking with a knife by Kai at Laox Ginza Main Store, admire masterpieces of Arita ceramics at Koransha, get a unique handmade gift in silver engraved with a name (yours, your child’s, your lover’s…) at Miyamoto Shoko. To conclude as a gourmet, walk or ride a subway to smell and taste seaweed at Yamamoto Noriten Honten then savour hot or cold Japanese food such as soba buckwheat noodles with duck at Momijigawa restaurant near Mistukoshimae station before returning to your hotel…

Afternoon in Tokyo near Ginza, Nihombashi and Mitsukoshimae stations in summer or autumn 2015.

Use our map “East of the Imperial Palace” (Tokyo) to easily find the shops. Hisui Tokyo is near Ginza station in section B3, Momijigawa near Mitsukoshimae subway station in D3.

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

After exploring Tokyo’s {wards & kw} east of the imperial palace, our inbound manager Sébastien Duval designed this course for individuals, couples or small groups of adults wishing to discover the Japanese culture, high-end products made in Japan and traditional foods in the coming hot weeks. Do not hesitate to e-mail him your comments 🙂

1 day near Tsukiji, Ginza & Shimbashi stations (Tokyo) in summer or autumn 2015

Visiting Tokyo or planning a tour of Asia in summer/autumn 2015? Try our model course of 1 short day in Tokyo near Tsukiji, Ginza and Shimbashi stations… and show the staff your map when you enter/ride; they should be pleased (and the Yes in Japan team too)!

On a sunny day, we suggest you to ride a Sky Hop Bus in the morning (Odaiba course starting near Tokyo train station) to see many cool spots of the city, get off at Kabuki-za to watch colourful and musical Kabuki theatre or at least photograph the recently renovated building, taste onigiri rice balls made of healthy Kinme Mai rice at Musubi-dokoro Kinnome for lunch, then walk to find treasures for children (and fine decorations) at the dedicated shop Ginza Konatsu, experience a samurai sword training at Hisui Tokyo, walk again to smell and taste big sumo food at Chanko Tamakairiki Ginza restaurant for dinner, and explore shopping mazes at Don Quijote Ginza Honkan near Shimbashi station to buy souvenirs/gifts until you feel tired and wish to go back to sleep at your hotel.

1 day in Tokyo near Tsukiji, Ginza and Shimbashi stations in summer or autumn 2015.

Use our map “East of the Imperial Palace” (Tokyo) to find your way. The Sky Hop Bus stop near Kabuki-za and Higashi-ginza station is in section C2, Don Quijote near Shimbashi station in A3 and everything else near Ginza subway station in B3.

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

After enjoying many places east of the Japanese imperial palace in {wards & kw}, our tour conductor Sébastien Duval designed this course for couples as well as families with children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors who live or travel in Japan in the coming hot weeks. Do not hesitate to e-mail him your comments 🙂

Summer/autumn 2015 map of Tokyo: Ginza, Nihombashi, Shimbashi, Tsukiji…

Now in Tokyo or preparing your trip to Asia? Discover carefully selected cultural spots, green spots, activities, restaurants, and shops east of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo! Our new Get Japan walking map in English for summer & autumn 2015 includes photos, discounts and gifts, information about menus in foreign languages, payments by credit card… Print it on A4 pages using our PDF file or get our free paper version at local hotels, shops, information centres, etc.
Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

For activities & Japanese experiences:

For cultural tourism:

For green tourism:

For food and drinks, we tried and selected:

For money exchange and international money transfers:

For shopping:

For your convenience, this map also features the embassy of the United States of America, airport buses, boats, churches, hospitals, hotels, information centres, landmarks, ministries, model courses, museums, post offices, spots with free Wi-Fi, and 7-Eleven convenience stores to withdraw money with international credit cards. Besides, our brochure informs about emergency procedures, events, jogging, tax-free purchases…

Access this area by monorail, subway or train using Ginza, Ginza-itchome, Hibiya, Higashi-ginza, Kasumigaseki, Kayabacho, Kyobashi, Mitsukoshimae, Nihombashi, Nijubashimae, Otemachi, Sakuradamon, Shimbashi, Shintomicho, Shiodome, Takaracho, Takebashi, Tokyo, Toranomon, Tsukiji, Tsukijishijo, Uchisaiwaicho, or Yurakucho station. You can also walk from Jimbocho Book Town or Akihabara Electric Town using our map “North of the Imperial Palace” (overlap: top right corner “East map” and bottom right corner “North map”).

To help us prepare our next version (winter 2015 + spring 2016) of this map, do not hesitate to e-mail us recommendations of places, information to add/fix, etc. Our manager Sébastien Duval welcomes all your comments 🙂

Thanks for using this brochure/map in June, July, August, September, October, November, or December 2015! Have fun in Tokyo’s Chiyoda, Chuo and Minato wards!