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Shopping in Tokyo: Cups, pots… at Kakesu Zakka-ten

Buy well-designed cups, pots… In Tokyo, Kakesu Zakka-ten sells simple, cute and durable products made in Japan for tea or coffee lovers. You will find various beautiful colours for your home or to select as gift!

Orange tea set at Kakesu Zakka-ten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Teacup or coffee cup: 648 yens
  • Teapot: 2.160 yens
  • Coffee dripper: 1.404 yens
  • Towel: 324 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card when you go shopping at Kakesu Zakka-ten.

Shopping in Tokyo: Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten

Go shopping to offer simple, traditional or modern chopsticks and get a special set for you! In Tokyo, Hashitou Honten sells wonderful chopsticks designed and made by Japanese artisans in Tokyo, Kyoto, Aomori… for restaurants and families since 1910. Find a set with the right shape, length, tree, and colours then try it on beans in a box!

Wall of chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Testing chopsticks with beans at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Chopsticks made from bamboo, cherry, persimmon… tree: 1.080-21.600 yens
  • Beginner chopsticks with a ring for right-handed or left-handed people: 648 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card.

Hotels in Tokyo giving our map “Asakusa 2015-2016”

You plan to walk or ride a bicycle in Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Asakusa district (Rokku, Senso-ji…) or Oshinari area during your stay in Japan? Ask first the staff of your hotel to give you our detailed and informative free map “North-east of Tokyo, Japan: Asakusa district” 2015-2016 now available at:

  • Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Yes in Japan members will bring this Get Japan map to additional hotels in Tokyo in the coming days…

“Asakusa” free map at hotels in Tokyo

The Yes in Japan team will start distributing its first Get Japan map of “North-east of Tokyo, Japan: Asakusa district” at local hotels and inns tomorrow. Hotels north and east of the imperial palace should get packs for their foreign customers in the following days thanks to enthusiastic requests from their receptionists and managers 🙂

Use this map to make the best of your time in Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Asakusa holy & entertainment district, the world’s tallest tower… then show it to a fan of Japan! It is free 🙂

Top 7 in/near Kappabashi Kitchen Town for 2015-2016

For its first selection of shops, schools and restaurants in Kappabashi Kitchen Town, the Yes in Japan team recommends you:

Enjoy Tokyo in 2015 & 2016!

Top 9 in/near Asakusa Rokku for 2015-2016

For its first recommendations of leisure spots, museums, public baths, shops, bars, and restaurants in Asakusa Rokku, the Yes in Japan members selected:

Have fun in Tokyo in 2015 or 2016!

Top 9 in Asakusa near Senso-ji for 2015-2016

In Asakusa district near Senso-ji Buddhist temple? Our travel agency recommends you the following activities and shops:

Discover many facets of Japan during your stay in Tokyo in autumn/winter 2015 or spring 2016!