29 April 2014: Travel Stand Japan closed for Showa Day

Travel Stand Japan will be closed on Tuesday 29 April 2014, which is a national holiday in Japan (Showa Day = birthday of the Showa Emperor a.k.a. Hirohito, who reigned over Japan during World War 2). Many Japanese restaurants and banks will close; plan accordingly… and tell us before Monday if you want us to organize a special tour or activity for you on Tuesday in Tokyo or nearby e.g. Kamakura to see its Big Buddha statue or Hakone to see Mount Fuji. You can also visit our travel agency in Suidobashi today or on Monday for sightseeing tips or help to prepare a trip on Showa Day 🙂

We enjoy various flowers in Tokyo these warm days. No more cherry blossoms but nice purple wisteria flowers at some public parks, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Enjoy the Golden Week and your Spring holidays too!

Purple wisteria flowers and roof of Kanda shrine (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.