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Partnership in Tokyo: With our travel agency

Representatives of foreign travel agencies, establish a partnership with our travel agency! Our tourism specialists in Tokyo city prepare high-quality organized travels in Japan: proposal of itineraries including typical tourist destinations and exceptional landscapes, reservation of appropriate hotels and restaurants, recommendation of activities and shows, provision of a certified guide for tours in English or French…
DUVAL Sébastien, French certified guide, at Asakusa Tatsumiya shop (Tokyo, Japan).

The Japanese market being what it is, consider with even more attention our Yes in Japan services if your customers are vegan, vegetarian or Muslim travellers 🙂

Travel Stand Japan: Closed on 30-31 December 2015

Our diligent travel agents will welcome you as usual at Travel Stand Japan near Suidobashi station in Tokyo until 18:30 today but will be on holidays afterwards (travel agency closed on 30-31 December 2015) to recover from a year of hard work, like many employees in Japan 🙂

In case of emergency, you may reach our inbound manager DUVAL Sébastien by e-mail or on social networks in English, French or Japanese.

We wish you a great end of year wherever you are with your family, friends, friendly strangers, good food, and special drinks 🙂 See you in 2016!

Yes in Japan: logo

Life in Japan: Our services & information for foreigners in 2016

The Yes in Japan team and its carefully selected partners help foreigners who wish to spend several months or years of their life in Japan!

We provide information about kind estate agents and homestay specialists, great designers of personal seals/stamps and business cards, exceptional schools to study the Japanese language & culture, trustworthy organizations helping find internships, skilled babysitters, bilingual cooking teachers… In addition, we also give free maps of Tokyo recommending attractions, restaurants (vegetarian, vegan and halal included), traditional and modern shops, supermarkets, hospitals with English-speaking staff, etc. Note that our services do not cover visa, banking, job-hunting, or dating services for Japan.

Besides, we organize useful discovery tours in Tokyo in English, French or Japanese for foreign newcomers and tourists thinking about living in Japan, to help them understand Japan, its culture and everyday life while introducing areas where they may live, study or work! For “Japanese + foreigner” couples, families or friends, we may operate these tours in several languages at the same time 🙂
Master Toyokuni painting a wall-size sumi-e at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

You own or work at a local business? Do not hesitate to e-mail us to share useful information or join our expanding network in 2016 🙂

Back to full travel services in English, French and Japanese language

Our French travel manager Sébastien Duval is back at Travel Stand Japan, fully refreshed by his holidays in France! You can benefit from Yes in Japan full services (activities and tours in Tokyo, consulting, flights, reservations, translation, planning of trips to Kyoto or Osaka…) in English, French and Japanese language if you visit our travel agency near Hotel Niwa Tokyo and Suidobashi station in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward.

Yes, we make things happen in Japan!

Yes, we make great things happen in Japan! Join a holiday tour or traditional activity today or tomorrow, go shopping at exceptional specialist shops with a Yes in Japan interpreter (English-French-Japanese), learn about events, meet wonderful Japanese people, use our free map of Jimbocho area (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo city) with great hotels, restaurants and stores…

Free map of Jimbocho area in Chiyoda ward (Tokyo, Japan).

Any question? Do not hesitate to call, e-mail or visit our Japanese travel agency in Tokyo near Suidobashi station and Hotel Niwa Tokyo!

29 April 2014: Travel Stand Japan closed for Showa Day

Travel Stand Japan will be closed on Tuesday 29 April 2014, which is a national holiday in Japan (Showa Day = birthday of the Showa Emperor a.k.a. Hirohito, who reigned over Japan during World War 2). Many Japanese restaurants and banks will close; plan accordingly… and tell us before Monday if you want us to organize a special tour or activity for you on Tuesday in Tokyo or nearby e.g. Kamakura to see its Big Buddha statue or Hakone to see Mount Fuji. You can also visit our travel agency in Suidobashi today or on Monday for sightseeing tips or help to prepare a trip on Showa Day 🙂

We enjoy various flowers in Tokyo these warm days. No more cherry blossoms but nice purple wisteria flowers at some public parks, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Enjoy the Golden Week and your Spring holidays too!

Purple wisteria flowers and roof of Kanda shrine (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.

Reservations and payments (Japanese activities & walks in Tokyo by Yes in Japan)

For practical reasons, we require reservations for all our Japanese activities and walks in Tokyo. Please read our latest Terms & Conditions before booking and contact us if you have any question.

You can book at our travel agency, by phone, by e-mail or on our Yes in Japan English Website until 18:30 on the last business day before the activity/walk. You can check the dates of the Japanese public holidays on our site if needed.

Our prices are in yens, all taxes included. You can pay at the gathering spot just before the activity/walk or earlier at our agency. Please prepare the exact amount in cash: payments by card or in foreign money are unavailable at the moment.

If you wish to join a walk/activity normally planned on a different day or hour, please contact us to check availability. We will be glad to make your trip in Japan a greater experience 🙂

Yes in Japan!