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Shopping in Tokyo: Cups, pots… at Kakesu Zakka-ten

Buy well-designed cups, pots… In Tokyo, Kakesu Zakka-ten sells simple, cute and durable products made in Japan for tea or coffee lovers. You will find various beautiful colours for your home or to select as gift!

Orange tea set at Kakesu Zakka-ten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Teacup or coffee cup: 648 yens
  • Teapot: 2.160 yens
  • Coffee dripper: 1.404 yens
  • Towel: 324 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card when you go shopping at Kakesu Zakka-ten.

Shopping in Tokyo: Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten

Go shopping to offer simple, traditional or modern chopsticks and get a special set for you! In Tokyo, Hashitou Honten sells wonderful chopsticks designed and made by Japanese artisans in Tokyo, Kyoto, Aomori… for restaurants and families since 1910. Find a set with the right shape, length, tree, and colours then try it on beans in a box!

Wall of chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Testing chopsticks with beans at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Chopsticks made from bamboo, cherry, persimmon… tree: 1.080-21.600 yens
  • Beginner chopsticks with a ring for right-handed or left-handed people: 648 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card.

Kappabashi in Japan

Kappabashi is an offbeat area of Tokyo city. In Taito ward, this old “kitchen town” is visited by Japanese professionals desiring equipment for their restaurant, bar, hotel, cooking school… but also by foreigners interested in high-quality cooking knives, incredibly realistic fake food, etc.

Kappabashi is near Iriya subway station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line), Tawaramachi subway station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line), and Asakusa train station (Tsukuba Express line). Asakusa subway station and Ueno train station are at walking distance; holders of a JR Pass can reach Ueno for free by riding the Yamanote Line. To easily find your way on foot, we recommend you to get a map of Kappabashi & Asakusa.

Our travel agency organizes Yes in Japan 1-day tours in English and French including “Kappabashi-dori” shopping street because its shops are fun, because fake food is a great gift, and because many foreign chefs need an interpreter to discuss with Japanese shopkeepers! On holidays in Japan with your children? Join a memorable “Make fake food” activity in Kappabashi 🙂

Map of Tokyo “East of the Imperial Palace” in summer/autumn 2015?

Following its map of Tokyo “North of the Imperial Palace” for spring/summer 2015, the Yes in Japan team is preparing a great map of Tokyo “East of the Imperial Palace” for summer/autumn 2015. Help us make our map even more interesting and useful by suggesting types of services, restaurants, stores, or Japanese products you would like to see on it before the end of May! Our inbound travel manager recently detailed his preferences but any other idea for foreign adults or children in Japan is welcome 🙂

This free walking and shopping map in English language including the subway/train stations of Ginza, Hibiya, Mitsukoshi-mae, Nihombashi, Otemachi, Shimbashi, Tokyo, Toranomon, Tsukiji, and Yurakucho will be available online and will be distributed at local hotels in Chiyoda, Chuo and Minato wards…

Shopping in Tokyo: Free sembei rice crackers at Mitsugien in spring & summer 2015 ☺

Show our Get Japan map of Tokyo including Iidabashi station when you purchase Japanese tea or boxes at Mitsugien tea store in Chiyoda ward to get a free bag of sembei rice crackers! This healthy and delicious offer is valid all spring and summer 2015 🙂

Happy thanks to Yes in Japan: Japanese lunch and “Japanese paintings” shopping

A couple of French-speaking tourists in Tokyo e-mailed our Yes in Japan French manager (always glad to help people in trouble) to thank him for helping them order their lunch at a Japanese restaurant without English menu and without English-speaking staff then recommending Ebisudo Gallery near Jimbocho station (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) to buy beautiful “Japanese paintings” (ukiyo-e woodblock prints in fact) at a reasonable price. They found the art shop with our Get Japan map of Jimbocho area, loved the gallery and its shopkeeper, and bought 2 ukiyo-e 🙂
Ukiyo-e woodblock print with the Hota coast in Awa province at Ebisudo gallery (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Shopping in Tokyo: 5% discount at Laox Akihabara Main Store in spring & summer 2015 ☺

Get a special 5% discount at Laox Akihabara Main Store until 31 December 2015 thanks to our spring/summer 2015 brochure covering Akihabara and Kanda areas! First, obtain this brochure at partner shops, hotels or information centres in the area. Second, go to Laox Akihabara Main Store near Akihabara station (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo). Third, select the products you wish to buy. Finally, present the brochure before your payment ☺

Note that Laox Akihabara Main Store accepts only one coupon/discount at a time, and that some items are not covered by this discount e.g. game machines, Apple products, medicines and brandname products.

Laox Akihabara Main Store is the tax-free store 35 in the section B4 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).