FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find below answers to questions that foreign tourists and residents frequently ask us.

Question 1: How can I go to Tokyo Disneyland from my hotel in Tokyo city?

Typically, ask first the staff of your hotel how to reach Shinjuku train station or Tokyo train station. From these stations, you can reach Tokyo Disneyland by following instructions on the official site of the theme park: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/access/

Question 2: What can I do in Tokyo city on a rainy day?

Tokyo city has nice museums (Tokyo National Museum near Ueno station is great), shopping malls… and a few places where you can experience the Japanese culture: try a cooking lesson (e.g. tempura at Kai House), use wood blocks to create a ukiyo-e with your own hands (e.g. at Mokuhankan), learn how to use a brush to make sumi-e ink wash painting (e.g. at Toyokuni Atelier Studio)…

More questions & answers coming soon.