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“Get Japan” is a brand by Travel Stand Japan used for free maps of Japan prepared in collaboration with Zenrin (famous Japanese map company). So far, there is a map for Jimbocho/Akihabara area and Ginza/Nihombashi area. A map for Kappabashi/Asakusa/Skytree will be released in October 2015. These maps include the location of great hotels, restaurants (breakfast buffet or bread, brunch, lunch or dinner), shops for e.g. washi paper… and provide information about menus, products, Japanese classes at language schools with great teachers… along with special offers. Use them!

Note: We will soon add information about fitness centres, spas… in Tokyo.

Free in summer 2015: Map of Tokyo, North of the Imperial Palace. Print our PDF (8 pages) or download our map as big pictures (front and back) on your smartphone!

Free in summer & autumn 2015: Map of Tokyo, East of the Imperial Palace. Print our PDF (8 pages) or download our map as big pictures (front and back) on your smartphone!

Travel tips for Japan beyond Tokyo: Kyoto, Osaka…

You can go from Tokyo station to Kyoto station by “shinkansen” high-speed train in 2.5 hours only. Osaka is just after. We recommend you to buy a Japan Rail Pass before your trip; it is cheap and convenient but cannot be bought in Japan. Cradle of the Japanese culture, Kyoto is the one place in Japan to enjoy dinner with a geisha in a nice kimono 🙂 More modern, Osaka is lively at night and very famous for its Japanese food!

Kyoto is particularly popular in Spring (see cherry blossoms along the Philosopher’s path) and Autumn (see colourful leaves at Kyomizu-dera); reserve your hotel or ryokan several months in advance!

We provide consulting services (2500 yens for ½ hour) to help you plan your trip if you need: learn about destinations, find services…



About Yes in Japan

We have this Website, a Facebook community, a twitter feed, a google plus page and an office in Tokyo near Suidobashi station. Our staff speaks English, French and Japanese.

Our travel agency in Tokyo Travel Stand Japan started its travel services in English “Yes in Japan” in 2013 after meeting many foreign tourists in Japan who lacked information and missed great experiences… To bring you great value, we strive to incorporate things that foreigners can not usually see/do/understand by themselves in Japan because of communication problems (few Japanese people speak English), lack of knowledge about Japan or lack of contacts with the right Japanese persons.

Made in Japan: nut containing the 7 Gods of Fortune.

Things to do in Japan: prepare sushi!

Travel agents in Tokyo, we meet Japanese people, live the culture, visit all Japan, enjoy events, take photos, help locals and share it with You! From February 2015, our team will recommend famous and little-known destinations, events and activities; Tokyo first 🙂 We carefully select and organize our Yes in Japan tours and activities to make your stay very pleasant, without worry.

Winter kimono fabrics in Kagurazaka district.

Note: if you worry about the Tohoku/Fukushima, please check up-to-date dedicated Websites. We will provide a convenient list in February 2015.

Access to Marebito tea house in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).

We enjoyed walks with beautiful cherry blossoms in Tokyo’s Jimbocho during Spring 2014 🙂 Enjoy winter… Spring 2015 is almost here!
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo in March 2014.

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