Tokyo Grand Shrine (Tokyo-daijingu)

Tokyo-daijingu shrine is a peaceful Shinto shrine in Tokyo, 15 minutes away from our travel agency. Tokyo-daijingu is famous as the Shinto shrine that held the first Shinto wedding ceremony in Japan so it is the most traditional destination in Japan to see (and take a photo of) a Japanese bride in kimono… Tokyo Grand Shrine has an exquisite architecture!

Japanese bride in white kimono (traditional dress) at Tokyo-daijingu shrine in April 2014:
Japanese bride in white kimono at Tokyo-daijingu (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.

Pink cherry blossoms on a cherry tree of the Yae-zakura species in full bloom at Tokyo-daijingu Shinto shrine in April 2014:
Pink cherry blossoms at Tokyo-daijingu Shinto shrine (Tokyo, Japan) on 11 April 2014.

In Japanese language, Tokyo-daijingu shrine is written 東京大神宮 and pronounced “Tokyo-daijingu”.

If you wish to discover Tokyo-daijingu shrine, you can join our walking tour “Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo“.


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Tokyo Grand Shrine is the spot 16 on the Yes in Japan map of Tokyo Chiyoda North of autumn/winter 2014:
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Front