One of the 23 administrative districts forming Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward contains the most important building of Japan: the Imperial Palace! It also features Yasukuni shrine and the ancient “book town” called Jimbocho, where you can find diverse bookshops and stores selling Japanese paper “washi”, ancient maps of Japan… See our travel articles about Chiyoda (focus on: Jimbocho, Kudanshita and Suidobashi) and visit Tokyo Chiyoda when you travel to Japan 🙂

Japanese girls in kimono in Chiyoda district after their graduation ceremony in March 2014.

For all travellers, Chiyoda Ward has great modern and traditional shops, comfortable hotels such as Hotel Niwa Tokyo and Hotel Grand Palace, an exceptional hotel with open air bath called Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan, delicious restaurants like Nago café, spots for live music like Café & Dining Horizon, Waterras mall (with numerous events)… Our travel agency is in Chiyoda-ku, between Ochanomizu station and Suidobashi station.

See our page dedicated to Restaurants in Chiyoda ward!

Fan of Japanese martial arts? Chiyoda Ward includes the exciting Nippon-budokan, building that hosts top events related to martial arts: aikido demonstrations, karate championships, kendo tournaments…

Otaku or geek? You can also enjoy the Akihabara area, famous worldwide for its specialized shops: anime, manga, figurines, cosplay costumes, electronics, robots, old video games… but also for its maid cafés staffed by Japanese girls in maid uniform!

ART! White cow with golden wings in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo.

In Japanese language, Chiyoda district is written 千代田区 and pronounced “Chiyoda-ku”. Ochanomizu station is written 御茶ノ水駅 and pronounced “Ochanomizu-eki”. Suidobashi station is written 水道橋駅 and pronounced “Suidobashi-eki”.

Just beyond Chiyoda ward (in Bunkyo ward), you also find the Tokyo Dome complex where you can see e.g. baseball games.

Near Iidabashi & Kudanshita stations

Walk near Iidabashi and Kudanshita stations to discover the Japanese culture, see many facets of the Shinto religion, and eat vegetarian food if you stay at a local hotel, study at a language school in Iidabashi, or wonder what to do after your visit of Kagurazaka area, Tokyo Dome City or Jimbocho Book Town!

  • Martial Arts Hall of Japan, which hosts numerous national/world tournaments and proposes high-level lessons.
  • Kitanomaru park, great to jog, relax and play with children 🙂
  • Petit Bonheur, restaurant with lots of vegetables, fruits and sweets! Great for vegetarians!
  • Tokyo Grand Shrine, with its exquisite architecture similar to Ise Grand Shrine.
  • Tsukudo Shrine, with a giant sword on the roof visible from the street.
  • Yasukuni Shrine, enshrining 2.466.000 souls and featuring a museum related to war.

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Grand Shrine in April 2014.

Admire the decorations inside Iidabashi station and Kudanshita station during your tour of Tokyo 🙂

Near Akihabara & Kanda stations

Enter two parallel worlds near Akihabara and Kanda JR stations! Modern and traditional “Made in Japan”… Foreign and Japanese food… Shinto and anime design…

Handmade fan, sumo kokeshi, Mount Fuji cups, and accessories at Kanda Chonko (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Great area to visit if you stay at a hotel in Chiyoda ward, study the Japanese language at a school in Akihabara, or go to the nearby Tokyo Dome City, Jimbocho Book Town or East Gardens of the Imperial Palace!

Near Suidobashi & Ochanomizu stations

Traditional Japan before your eyes in Tokyo near Suidobashi and Ochanomizu train stations! Raw and grilled fish, saké and traditional everyday objects…

  • Hanaya, restaurant with staff in kimono serving seasonal fish, crab, shells…
  • Ippo, “izakaya” restaurant with fish, meat and Japanese alcohol!
  • Saké Ichishimaya, liquor store with selected bottles of nihonshu and shochu.
  • Sankei-shoten, Japanese antique and art dealer.

Japanese alcohol at Saké Ichishimaya (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Try these exceptional shops if you stay at a hotel/ryokan in Chiyoda ward (or just north in Bunkyo ward), study Japanese at a language school near Suidobashi station, or visit the nearby Tokyo Dome City or Jimbocho Book Town!

Near Jimbocho & Awajicho stations

Popular life and culture in Japan’s capital city near Jimbocho, Awajicho, Ogawamachi and Shin-ochanomizu stations! Delicious Japanese food and tea, unique clothing, popular entertainment, and Shinto nightlife!

Japanese food and drinks at Mokuchi Jimbocho (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Visit these popular shops and cultural centres if you study/work near Awajicho, sleep at a hotel in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward, or walk in the nearby gardens of the Imperial Palace 🙂

Do you know Chiyoda ward in Tokyo?

District of Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward contains the Imperial Palace where Emperor Akihito lives, the National Diet Building where laws are voted, the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Abe’s residence, 15 embassies, Yasukuni Shrine serving to pray for the war dead (source of tensions with China and Korea), the Nippon-budokan hosting world-class martial arts events, Akihabara Electric Town, Kanda-jimbocho book town, and Tokyo station.
Free map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Front
Free map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Back
Recommended Yes in Japan restaurants in Chiyoda Ward:

Soba buckwheat noodles at Kanda Yabu-soba (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Buckwheat noodles
at Kanda Yabu-soba

(Chiyoda map: n°31)
Fried seafood and vegetables at Tempura Hachimaki (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Fried seafood, vegetables
at Tempura Hachimaki

(Chiyoda map: n°7)
Fish at Hanaya (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Fish, Kaiseki seafood
at Hanaya

(Chiyoda map: n°36)
Sushi raw fish at Nishiki (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Sushi raw fish
at Nishiki

(Chiyoda map: n°1)
Belgian beer and food at Brasserie St. Bernardus (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Belgian beer & food
at Brasserie St. Bernardus

(Chiyoda map: n°30)
Vegetables, fruits, sweets at Petit Bonheur (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Vegetables, sweets
at Petit Bonheur

(Chiyoda map: n°14)
Japanese alcohol at Ippo (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Japanese alcohol
at Ippo (izakaya)

(Chiyoda map: n°37)
Grilled meat at Nikuya-no-shojikina-shokudo (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Grilled meat
at Nikuya-no-shojikina-shokudo

(Chiyoda map: n°26)
Vegan food at Loving Hut (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).   Vegan food at Loving Hut (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Vegan food
at Loving Hut

(Chiyoda map: n°25)
Burger at The Adirondack Café (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).   Live jazz at The Adirondack Café (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Burger and jazz
at The Adirondack Café

(Chiyoda map: n°27)

Recommended Yes in Japan activities and walking tours in Chiyoda Ward:

Japanese tea time, activity in English in Tokyo!Japanese Tea Time
Holding a shamisen with a shopkeeper in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).Shopkeepers x
Japanese Culture
Insight Into Art: Roof of a Shinto shrine, statue of a guardian dog and lanterns in Tokyo.Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?
Zero fighter plane from World War 2 in Tokyo (Japan).After the War:
Fighters and Civilians
Street of Akihabara in Tokyo during the evening.Akihabara Crazy World
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo (Japan).[Spring 2015] Best Cherry Blossoms
Sakura at Yasukuni shrine (Tokyo, Japan).[Spring 2015] Sweet Sakura Evening

In Chiyoda Ward, Jimbocho area is great for a stay in Tokyo: easy access to Narita international airport and Kyoto, nice hotels with English-speaking staff, excellent restaurants (Japanese food, international, vegetarian), reputed traditional shops, a place to try martial arts… and amazing book stores! Our travel agency is also in this area. A few bars and izakaya are also open late during the night if you wish 🙂

Centered on Jimbocho station, Jimbocho area is delimited by 6 surrounding stations at walking distance: Iidabashi, Suidobashi, Ochanomizu, Awajicho, Takebashi and Kudanshita. From Jimbocho station, you can walk to the Imperial Gardens, Nippon-budokan, Yasukuni shrine, Akihabara… or ride subways/trains to easily and quickly reach most popular sites of Tokyo: Asakusa, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku…

Recommended hotels/ryokans with Yes in Japan services in Jimbocho area:

Lobby of Hotel Niwa Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) in March 2014.Hotel Niwa Tokyo
beside our travel agency
Beautiful flowers in the lobby of Hotel Grand Palace (Tokyo, Japan) in March 2014.Hotel Grand Palace
(near Yasukuni shrine and Nippon-budokan)
Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan: communal bath.Ochanomizu Hotel

experience a Japanese bath near Akihabara
Access to Marebito tea house in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).Tokyo Dome Hotel
beside Spa Laqua hot spring
Access to Marebito tea house in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
(near the Imperial Gardens, great for backpackers and to meet people)

Recommended restaurants, bars, tea houses and coffee shops in Jimbocho area:

Japanese food at Hanaya.Hanaya
(F1 on Jimbocho map)
Indian and Nepalese food at Sapana Suidobashi-ten.Sapana Suidobashi-ten
English-speaking staff
(F2 on Jimbocho map)
Vegan food in Tokyo at Loving Hut.Loving Hut
(F3 on Jimbocho map)
Okinawa's icy Kakigori at Nago café.Nago café
(F4 on Jimbocho map)
Quiche at Muusa (Jimbocho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo).Muusa
Lunch menu in English
(soon on the map)
Cup of bancha tea at Marebito teahouse (Jimbocho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo).Marebito tea house
English-speaking staff
sashimi restaurant “Ippo”, vegetarian restaurant, VIP restaurant, taiyaki, bakery, cake shop, bar, and coffee shop coming soon. (International cafe/bar to meet Japanese people and other foreigners?)

Recommended souvenir/gift shops in Jimbocho area:

Washi Paper Time in Tokyo: diverse Japanese paper, collage illustrating Mount Fuji...Yamagataya-kamiten
“Washi” Traditional Japanese paper for origami, gifts, decoration
(soon on the map)
Stores with books to:
1. study the Japanese language,
2. discover the Japanese life and culture,
3. admire diverse photos of Japan…
coming soon.
Stores selling “Wagashi” Japanese sweets, green tea, Edo coffee, sake bottles…
coming soon.

Recommended cultural, language and entertainment centers in Jimbocho area:

Travel Stand Japan
Staff speaking English & French
(our travel agency)
(E1 on Jimbocho map)
Learn to cook Japanese food at Buddha Bellies Cooking School.Buddha Bellies Cooking School
English-speaking teacher
Classes for Washoku
(E2 on Jimbocho map)
Kudan Institute of
Japanese Language & Culture

Japanese classes, shodo,
kimono wearing…
(soon on the map)
Martial arts hall
Classes for kendo…
(soon on the map)
Jinbocho theater
Old Japanese movies…
(soon on the map)
Origami center, Showa-kan, Meiji Museum…
Classes for origami…
(coming soon)
(soon on the map)
Idole bar
(soon on the map)
Jazz bar
(coming soon)

Recommended doctors in Jimbocho area:

Natural care Suidobashi outpatient centre
English-speaking doctor of chiropractic
Massage for back pain, neck pain…
(D1 on Jimbocho map)