Akihabara area

Interesting part of Tokyo‘s Chiyoda ward, the Akihabara area features many great shops related to anime, manga, figurines, cosplay costumes, electronics, robots, old video games… but also many many maid cafés staffed by Japanese girls in maid uniform!

Surprisingly, you can buy elegant Japanese chopsticks made from cherry trees and very light cups made from bamboo at Kukan-kobo Takuya, high-quality shop specialized in wooden products near Akihabara station. Look a our shopping photos below… Wouldn’t they make great souvenirs or gifts? We’d be glad to take you there if you wish 🙂

Reddish chopsticks made using the bark of a cherry tree sold at Kukan-kobo Takuya:
Japanese chopsticks made from a cherry tree, sold in Akihabara (Chiyoda, Tokyo) in May 2014.

Extremely light cups made from bamboo sold at Kukan-kobo Takuya:
Bamboo cups sold in Akihabara (Chiyoda, Tokyo) in May 2014.

To help you discover this great area, do shopping and learn about the Japanese culture, our travel agency organized the walk “Akihabara Crazy World” (walk W14H). If you join it, please meet us 10 minutes before departure in front of the exit Electric Town of Akihabara station.

If you look for a quiet hotel near Akihabara, consider Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan!

In Japanese language, Akihabara is written 秋葉原, Kukan-kobo Takuya is written 空間工房卓屋.

Akihabara station (秋葉原駅) is an elevated rail station opened in 1890. Lines: Chuo-sobu line, Keihin-tohoku line, Yamanote line from approximately 05:00 to 00:40. To Ueno: 140 yens in 03 min. To Tokyo: 140 yens in 04 min.