Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Hotel Niwa Tokyo is a great hotel in Tokyo, very appreciated by foreign tourists visiting Japan. You will certainly be satisfied if you stay at this beautiful and comfortable hotel!

Near our travel agency, Hotel Niwa Tokyo serves as gathering/departure place for 2 of our walking tours: “Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?” (tour W14B) and “Japanese Gods Grand Tour” (tour W14D). If you join one of these tours, please meet us 10 minutes before departure in the lobby of Hotel Niwa Tokyo (shown on the photo below).

Lobby of Hotel Niwa Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) in March 2014.

For more information, check the sections below or the English site of Hotel Niwa Tokyo:

Hotel Niwa Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) in March 2014.

Access to Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Hotel Niwa Tokyo describes on several pages in English how to access the hotel. The closest station is Suidobashi (JR Chuo Main line or Toei Mita Line).

Map, address & phone:

Walk from nearby stations:

By train/subway from the main stations of Tokyo:

From Narita or Haneda airport:

Practical information

In Japanese language, Hotel Niwa Tokyo is written 庭のホテル東京 and pronounced “Niwa-no-hotelu-Tokyo”. Suidobashi station is written 水道橋駅 and pronounced “Suidobashi-eki”.

There is a conveninent shop selling food, drinks and diverse everyday products just beside Hotel Niwa Tokyo, and it is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

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