Tokyo Dome Hotel

Tokyo Dome Hotel is a big modern hotel in Tokyo near Suidobashi station. You will certainly be satisfied if you stay at this Japanese hotel!

Near our travel agency, Tokyo Dome Hotel serves as gathering/departure place for our walk “Japanese Gods Grand Tour (walk W14D). If you join this walk, please meet us 10 minutes before departure on the first floor near the Guest Relations Desk of Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Local map (Tokyo Dome Hotel is in the top right corner) and access from the nearest hotels and subway/train stations:
Access to Marebito tea house in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).

Yes in Japan news about Tokyo Dome Hotel (read more):

  • Free maps of Jimbocho & Ginza at Tokyo Dome Hotel {31 July 2015} - Spending time in Tokyo city? Tokyo Dome Hotel provides for free our detailed maps in English introducing great Japanese gardens, shops… nearby in Bunkyo & Chiyoda wards (Akihabara/Jimbocho/Kanda/Kudan map) or farther (Ginza/Nihombashi/Shimbashi/Tsukiji map). Ask the kind hotel staff for “Get Japan maps” if you do not find them on a rack in the lobby 🙂 Warm […]
  • Aquarium at Tokyo Dome Hotel during summer 2015 {31 July 2015} - Staying in Japan at Tokyo Dome Hotel during summer 2015? You can enjoy an aquarium with many cute small fishes: red, orange, blue, grey… Kids love it! Just look on the right of the guest relations desks in the lobby.
  • From Qatar for autumn photos in Tokyo, gifts made in Japan and a vegetarian buffet! {27 November 2014} - We guided a businessman from Qatar in Tokyo today, for the last day of his first stay in Japan. Leaving in a comfortable car from Tokyo Dome Hotel, we visited a Japanese garden, ate at a vegetarian restaurant, bought gifts at a shop owned by a couple of Japanese artisans, saw many tourist spots, and […]

Practical information

In Japanese language, Tokyo Dome Hotel is written 東京ドームホテル and pronounced “Tokyo-domu-hotelu”.