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Address: Sato building (B1F), Nishi-kanda 2-1-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0065, Japan.

Seasonal fish, crab, shells, Kaiseki seafood… served in many ways! On evenings, the staff typically wears a kimono, and the chef often cooks in front of you if you sit at the counter 🙂



A few prices:
* Lunch set: 1080 yens
* Dinner course: 6000-8000 yens
* Beer: 600 yens
* Saké: 700 yens

Japanese food at Hanaya.


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Access in Tokyo

Hanaya is the spot 36 on the Yes in Japan map of Tokyo Chiyoda North of autumn/winter 2014:
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Front

Hanaya is the spot “F1” on our map of Jimbocho area:
Free map of Jimbocho area in Chiyoda ward (Tokyo, Japan).

Additional access map: http://www.jimbochohanaya.com/information.html

More about Hanaya

Practical information:
* Open from Monday to Friday.
* Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Japanese public holidays.
* Special service with reservation possible on Saturday for groups of 10 people or more.
* Lunch time: 11:30-14:00. Dinner time: 17:30-22:00.
* Phone: (+81) 03-3556-6344 (Japanese only)
* Food: varies with seasons; includes fugu in a hot pot… Admire a master chef cooking fresh seasonal fish and shells! Taste flowers in soy!

Useful links:
* Website in Japanese: http://www.jimbochohanaya.com

Last updated in December 2014. More information coming soon (神保町 花家).

You can pay by credit card. The restaurant now has an English menu.