Greetings from Tokyo!

Greetings! From today, our travel agency in Tokyo Travel Stand Japan offers services in English to foreigners visiting Japan 🙂 We started offering travel services in English after meeting many foreign tourists lacking information and missing great experiences in Japan…

Travel Stand Japan is usually open on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00, and the team looks forward to meeting you! Accessible via Suidobashi station, our agency is near Hotel Niwa Tokyo in Chiyoda ward:

Enjoy your stay in Japan!

  • Travel Stand Japan = トラベルスタンドジャパン (Torabelu-Sutando-Japan).
  • Hotel Niwa Tokyo = 庭のホテル東京 (Niwa-no-hotelu-Tokyo).
  • Tokyo = 東京, Tokyo metropolis = 東京都 (Tokyo-to), Chiyoda ward = 千代田区 (Chiyoda-ku).
  • Suidobashi station = 水道橋駅 (Suidobashi-eki).