Former capital of Japan near Tokyo, Kamakura is also famous for its “Big Buddha” statue, numerous Buddhist temples (e.g. Kencho-ji) and Shinto shrines. It is a good place for a 1-day tour during a long stay in Tokyo.

We saw beautiful holy plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple after hiking in the forest of Kamakura in May 2014, decorated with Jizo (Buddhist protector of travellers and children) or a tengu (protector from Japanese folk religion):
Jizo and tengu plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple (Kamakura, Japan)

Contact us if you wish to visit or hike in Kamakura during your stay in Tokyo; we can organize a personalized 1-day tour or 2-day tour with hotel in Kamakura.

In Japanese, Kamakura is written “鎌倉”.