Map “East of the Imperial Palace” (Tokyo)

Now in Tokyo or preparing your trip to Asia? Discover carefully selected cultural spots, green spots, activities, restaurants, and shops east of the imperial palace in Tokyo! Our new Get Japan walking map for summer, autumn & winter 2015 in English includes photos, discounts and gifts, information about menus in foreign languages, payments by credit card… Print it on A4 pages using our PDF file or get our free paper version at local hotels, etc.
Map of Ginza, Tsukiji & Nihombashi (Tokyo, Japan) - Inner

Free map: East of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

For cultural tourism:
* Bank of Japan,
* Imperial Palace: Main Gate
* Kabuki-za (kabuki theatre)
* Namiyoke Inari Shrine
* Nihombashi bridge
* Tokyo International Forum (boat-shaped building)
* Tokyo Station and its shinkansen high-speed trains
* Tokyo Stock Exchange
* Tsukiji Market (world’s biggest fish market)
* Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple

For green tourism:
* Hamarikyu Gardens
* Imperial Palace: East Gardens

For activities:
* Go Native Japan (walking tours),
* Hisui Tokyo (calligraphy, kimono wearing, sword training, tea ceremony)
* Kai Corporation (cooking lessons)
* Massage Nagomiya Ginza
* Sky Hop Bus (bus tours)
* Yes in Japan (local activities, tours & translations by our Japanese travel agency).

For food and drinks, we tried and selected:
* Chanko Tamakairiki Ginza (sumo food)
* Délirium Café Ginza (Belgian beer and meats)
* Jing Hua Xiao Chi Ginza (Singaporean food)
* Kinki-daigaku Suisan-kenkyusho Ginza (tuna)
* MishMish (cuisine from the Middle East including vegetarian and halal ingredients)
* Momijigawa (soba buckwheat noodles, duck & tempura)
* Musubi-dokoro Kinnome (takeaway using healthy Kinme Mai rice)
* Nair’s restaurant (Indian food)
* Shin Hinomoto (fish)
* Shun-ka (izakaya)
* Trattoria Malta (pizza)

For money exchange and international money transfers:
* Laox Ginza Main Store

For shopping:
* Buyodo (maps)
* Don Quijote Ginza Honkan (discount store open 24 hours every day)
* Ginza Hakko Kinoka (wood)
* Ginza Konatsu (floor for children)
* Ginza Motoji (kimono)
* Ginza Natsuno (chopsticks)
* Ginza Ohnoya (clothes)
* Ginza Uchiku-an (bonsai)
* Ibasen (fan)
* Jugetsudo (green tea)
* Kai Corporation (knives)
* Kinza Ginza (gold)
* Koransha (purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency for ceramics)
* Kumahei-no-ume (plums)
* Laox Ginza Main Store
* Miyamoto Shoko (purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency for silver)
* Mizuno Wellness Shop Yaesu (shoes and clothes)
* Ozu Washi (paper specialist founded in 1653)
* Shimbashi Tamakiya (furikake seasoning)
* Tottori Okayama Shimbashi-kan (antenna shop of Tottori & Okayama prefectures)
* Yamamoto Noriten Honten (nori seaweed)

For your convenience, this Yes in Japan map also features the embassy of the United States, airport buses, boats, churches, hospitals, information centres, landmarks, ministries, model courses, museums, post offices, selected hotels (no space to write them all), spots with free Wi-Fi, and 7-Eleven convenience stores to withdraw money with international cards. Besides, the brochure informs about emergencies, events, jogging, tax-free purchases.

Access this area by monorail, subway or train using Ginza, Ginza-itchome, Hibiya, Higashi-ginza, Kasumigaseki, Kayabacho, Kyobashi, Mitsukoshimae, Nihombashi, Nijubashimae, Otemachi, Sakuradamon, Shimbashi, Shintomicho, Shiodome, Takaracho, Takebashi, Tokyo, Toranomon, Tsukiji, Tsukijishijo, Uchisaiwaicho, or Yurakucho station 🙂

Note: our map “North of the imperial palace” extends this map in the top right corner.

Thanks for using this brochure/map in June, July, August, September, October, November, or December 2015! Have fun in Tokyo’s Chiyoda, Chuo and Minato wards!

Next version

You know, work at, or own an exceptional restaurant, shop, cultural centre… that European/American tourists on foot or bicycle would appreciate in this area? E-mail us before 31 January 2016 so we may introduce it on our next version of the map! We plan to distribute it to local hotels and information centres for free in February 2016 so it is available for Spring and the popular season of cherry blossoms… Any information to add/fix? Let us know too!

Note: Our inbound travel manager Sébastien Duval particularly wishes to add shops selling high-tech products made in Japan, delicious vegetarian or halal restaurants, exciting Japanese activities, and convenient/fun spots for families with children.