Maps of Japan

Our free maps available in English

We are preparing free Get Japan maps in English for all Japan and have started with:

  1. Tokyo city “North of the Imperial Palace”: Akihabara, Jimbocho, Kanda…
  2. Tokyo city “East of the Imperial Palace”: Ginza, Nihombashi, Tsukiji…

Yes in Japan news about maps (read more):

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What local maps should we create next?

We plan to provide a new map by winter 2015 then spring 2016. Feel free to suggest any district/spot of Tokyo, another Japanese city or even a wilder place during the coming weeks! You can leave a comment on our dedicated post, contact us by e-mail or on social networks in English, French or Japanese.

Your desired map(s) may be available at your hotel or online when you arrive for your holidays or business trip 🙂 If you already travelled to Japan and missed a map there, that’s also something the Yes in Japan team would be glad to know!