New tour in Tokyo: “After the War: Fighters and Civilians”

Travel Stand Japan just launched a Yes in Japan original tour in Tokyo for Spring 2014: “After the War: Fighters and Civilians” (reference W14E). Our team strongly recommends you this walking tour if you are interested in Japan’s history and culture, world war 2 and the post-war period, and international relationships.

Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo (Japan).

Visit the famous/infamous Yasukuni shrine, view relics of World War 2 and enter a museum dedicated to the Showa period that covers the war and the following years. Expect to see army gear, a Zero fighter plane, a special souvenir shop, Japanese newspapers, and old photos! The explanations of our English-speaking guide will be as factual as possible; please form your best opinion about this sensitive topic during your travel in Japan and back home…

Zero fighter plane in Tokyo (Japan).

Current calendar for March 2014: Thursday 20 and Thursday 27 with departures at 09:30 from the nice Hotel Grand Palace. Follow the link below to get up-to-date information and book online.

Feel Japan’s modern history and understand the life of Japanese grand-parents during your stay in Tokyo!



  • Showa period = 昭和時代 (Showa-jidai).
  • Yasukuni shrine = 靖国神社 (Yasukuni-jinja), Tokyo = 東京.
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu).