New tour in Tokyo: “2014 Best Cherry Blossoms”

Our team just launched a great Yes in Japan tour in Tokyo for Spring 2014: “2014 Best Cherry Blossoms” (reference W14F). We strongly recommend you this walking tour if you like flowers and want to see many many many Japanese cherry blossoms!

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo (Japan).

Admire, smell and touch “sakura” cherry blossoms at the heart of Tokyo! Walk the beautiful flowered path in Yasukuni shrine then Chidorigafuchi, near the ancient walls of Edo castle… Diverse species of cherry trees live there; this will be a chance to see cherry blossoms of very different shapes and colours. Bring your camera with you! Our English-speaking guide will lead you to gorgeous spots 🙂

Current calendar for March 2014: Tuesday 18, Thursday 20, Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 with departures at 13:00 from Hotel Grand Palace. Follow the link below to get up-to-date information and book online.

Travel to Japan, enjoy cherry blossoms in Tokyo then return home with great memories and photos of your Japanese Spring!



  • Chidorigafuchi = 千鳥ヶ淵, Edo castle = 江戸城 (Edo-jo), Yasukuni shrine = 靖国神社 (Yasukuni-jinja).
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu), Tokyo = 東京.