Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan

Happy folding! Visit our free gallery and paper-dyeing studio, do origami with us and get paper! Since 1858 🙂
Official Website: http://www.origamikaikan.co.jp


Open: Monday-Saturday (09:30-18:00)
Phone: 03-3811-4025

You can pay your purchases by credit card. A few prices:
* Origami paper: 216 yens
* Origami kit: 540 yens
* Gallery (10:00-17:30): Free.

お茶の水おりがみ会館 ゆしまの小林 in Japanese language. Some staff speaks English (and other languages).

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Access in Tokyo

Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan – Yushima-no-kobayashi is the spot 46 on the Yes in Japan map of Tokyo Chiyoda North of autumn/winter 2014:
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan) - Front