Piano & song concert at Horizon, Italian restaurant in Tokyo

Café & Dining Horizon (Tokyo) holds special live music events such as Chika and Mary’s relaxing piano and song concert tonight. From 20:00 to 21:00, they performed alone then as a duo. Respectively from Tokyo and Yamagata prefecture, these two charming Japanese girls sang in Japanese language, which had a sweet feeling 🙂

Chika and Mary during a piano and song concert at Horizon.

Our inbound travel manager, Sébastien, savoured delicious pasta with Gorgonzola sauce while listening to the songs. His evaluation: nice food, evening, singers, and songs! His advice: reserve in advance because the entrance fee is only 500 yens (very cheap for Japan) and the restaurant was full tonight!

Gorgonzola pasta at Horizon.

To know about upcoming concerts at this Italian restaurant, check its Facebook page in Japanese or our dedicated page in English.

Thanks to Mary and Chika for allowing us to use their photos, and good luck for their next concert in Tokyo!



  • Horizon = ホライズン, Tokyo = 東京.
  • Yamagata prefecture = 山形県 (Yamagata-ken).