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Enjoy Yes in Japan activities and tours prepared with care and passion to make great memories during your free time or holidays in Japan, discover the Japanese culture and objects, develop skills, meet Japanese people, visit great places, relax… Knowledgeable staff used to tourists from many countries may even guide or assist you in Japan today/tonight or tomorrow in English, French or Japanese language! Please contact us if you have questions. Note: We also organize tours/activities on special days e.g. “Feast of the full moon” :)

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Book a personalized private tour to see/do what you want in Japan at your pace using our local expertise. Aren’t these tours cheap for a family or group of friends?
Tour Japan to see Japanese martial arts!Your half-day tour
Tour Hakone to see Mount Fuji in Japan!Your 1-day tour
Tour Japan with your family!Your multi-days tour
To find activities and tours in Japan refined by Yes in Japan and exceptional partners since 2013, explore our full list:

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Besides very successful Yes in Japan personalized tours (½ day, 1 day, 2+ days), foreign visitors and residents in Japan rated these activities and tours as the best in 2013-2015:
Tour Tokyo to meet Japanese gods!Japanese Gods Grand Tour
Tour in Tokyo
Enjoy Japanese tea; top activity in Japan!Japanese Tea Time
Activity in Tokyo
Tour Tokyo to discover Japanese art: origami, Shinto...Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?
Tour in Tokyo
Tour Tokyo in yukata (summer kimono)!Yukata De Guide Tour
Tour in Tokyo
by Sumida partners
Tour Tokyo and fall under Kagurazaka's charm...Charming Kagurazaka
Tour in Tokyo
Tour Hakone to see Mount Fuji!Mount Fuji Viewing Spots
Tour in Hakone from Tokyo
Fascinated by the Japanese culture and Asian religions? Yes in Japan proposes short spiritual activities and tours as well as long stays with retreat or pilgrimage in Japan (e-mail us to plan long stays):
Tour Tokyo to meet Japanese gods!Japanese Gods Grand Tour
Tour in Tokyo
Tour Tokyo to discover Japanese art: origami, Shinto...Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?
Tour in Tokyo
Tour Tokyo and feel Japanese wars at Yasukuni shrineAfter the War
Tour in Tokyo
Practice Zen meditation; top activity in Japan!Zen Meditation in Tokyo
Activity in Tokyo
Tour Kamakura to discover Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan!Buddhism & Shintoism in Kamakura
Tour in Kamakura
Experience a pilgrimage to Mount Fuji!Pilgrimage to Mount Fuji
Tour in the Fuji area

See Yes in Japan activity & tour reports

Wondering about our activities and tours with adults and children on holidays, study or business trips in Japan? See our reports with photos and videos; most recently:
  • From Qatar for autumn photos in Tokyo, gifts made in Japan and a vegetarian buffet! {27 November 2014} - We guided a businessman from Qatar in Tokyo today, for the last day of his first stay in Japan. Leaving in a comfortable car from Tokyo Dome Hotel, we visited a Japanese garden, ate at a vegetarian restaurant, bought gifts at a shop owned by a couple of Japanese artisans, saw many tourist spots, and […]
  • Impressive Japanese archery during the 44th All Kanto Student Kyudo Championships at the Nippon-budokan {23 June 2014} - We watched impressive Japanese archery “kyudo” during the 44th All Kanto Student Kyudo Championships in Chiyoda ward on Saturday 21 June 2014. Japanese girls and boys coming from various universities competed with tall bows, shooting arrows with gloves and wearing kyudo traditional clothes, which includes a chest protector for female archers to protect their breasts […]
  • From Greece for a Japanese garden, kendo shop and Shinto gates! {3 June 2014} - Yesterday, we accompanied a nice couple from Greece wishing to visit a beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo. After visiting the ancient Rikugien garden, we walked a while in the streets of Bunkyo ward then entered a long row of red Shinto gates at Nezu shrine :) Under a big blue sky, the green trees and large […]
  • Jizo & tengu plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple (Kamakura, Japan) {12 May 2014} - We saw beautiful holy plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple after a hike in the forest of Kamakura during the Golden Week. Our photo below shows plaques decorated with Jizo (Buddhist protector of travellers and children) on the left and a tengu (protector from Japanese folk religion) on the right: Our travel manager made many lovely […]
  • Purple wisteria flowers in Tokyo at Kanda shrine and Zenkoku-ji {22 April 2014} - In Tokyo today, we enjoyed the sight of purple wisteria flowers hanging on a terrace (easy to miss) beside Kanda shrine in Chiyoda area then at the Buddhist temple Zenkoku-ji of Shinjuku area. As wisteria is considered a flower of May in Japan, it was a good surprise to see these flowers so early in […]
  • 2013/2014 most popular walk in Japan: “Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?” in Tokyo {14 April 2014} - Our most popular Yes in Japan walk since 2013 is “Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?” in Tokyo (walk W14B)! From France, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, the Philippines and the USA… everybody looked happy :) If you are interested in Japanese art, traditions and religion, you can join this walk in English 3 mornings/evenings every week […]
  • Pink cherry blossoms and Japanese bride in kimono at Tokyo-daijingu on 11 April 2014 {11 April 2014} - This morning, we admired pink cherry blossoms and a charming Japanese bride in white kimono (traditional dress) at the peaceful Tokyo-daijingu Shinto shrine. The nice couple of travellers from Sweden that joined this “Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo” walking tour in Tokyo was delighted :) Most cherry trees in Tokyo have already lost their petals due to the […]

Notes about Yes in Japan activities and tours

The Yes in Japan team will make reasonnable efforts (do its best?) to arrange its tours and activities to suit the needs of participants, e.g. food or drinks for vegetarians, Muslims, people with allergies… Tell us as soon as possible if you have a special need.

Tours & activities in Tokyo area (2015-2016)

Enjoy tours and activities in Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Hakone, Kamakura… even on weekends or public holidays with a Yes in Japan English/French speaker who knows the area, Japanese culture and language!
Activities in Tokyo.Japanese activities (1~1½ hours)
from 2.500 yens per adult
Walking tours in Tokyo.Walking tours (2~2½ hours)
from 4.000 yens per adult
Organized tours in Japan: Mount Fuji, Hakone...Organized tours (1 day)
from 40.000 yens for a couple
Personalized private tours in Tokyo, Kamakura...Personalized tours (½ day, 1 day, 2+ days)
from 15.000 yens per group
Popular themes: 20152016ArtAutumn leavesBuddhism & ShintoCherry blossomsEvening & nightMartial artsMount FujiSumoTeaVIP

Shopping at specialist stores with an interpreter

We can recommend high-quality specialist stores in Tokyo area and provide an interpreter to help you buy products made in Japan: ancient maps of Edo, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, everyday objects made of “sakura” cherry wood, traditional Japanese games, handmade cooking knives, tailored kendo armours, lenses for bird-watching…
Japanese alcohol at Saké Ichishimaya (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Nihonshu, shochu…
at Saké Ichishimaya

(Chiyoda map: n°40)
Ukiyo-e at Ebisudo Gallery (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).
Ukiyo-e prints
at Ebisudo Gallery

(Chiyoda map: n°4)
Samurai swords at Shobu-do-sangyo.   Kendo armours at Shobu-do-sangyo.
Samurai swords and kendo chest protectors
at Shobu-do-sangyo

(Chiyoda map: n°38)
Japanese antiques and art works at Sankei-shoten.
Antiques and art works
at Sankei-shoten

(Chiyoda map: n°39)

Learn more about Yes in Japan

Our walks are mainly in Tokyo’s Bunkyo, Chiyoda and Shinjuku wards: Akihabara, Jimbocho, Kagurazaka, Origami centre, Yasukuni shrine… You can request personalized tours for any area of Tokyo (e.g. Asakusa, Harajuku or Odaiba) or topics of your choice: Japanese art, origami, green tea, nature, hot springs, kimono dresses, samurai swords, Shinto religion, Buddhism, traditional shops, manga, anime, video games… What is the price of Yes in Japan services?
Activity:per adult2.500 yens (≃ 18 Euros)
Walk:per adultFrom 4.000 yens (≃ 29 Euros)
1-day organized tour (for a couple):per adultFrom 20.000 yens (≃ 143 Euros)
Half day personalized tour:per groupFrom 15.000 yens (≃ 107 Euros)
1-day personalized tour:per groupFrom 30.000 yens (≃ 214 Euros)
Price in Euro based on the Yen/Euro exchange rate on 13 January 2015 (1 Euro = 140 yens). The price of our tours typically includes an insurance.