Vegan sushi workshop

3 hours activity in English in Tokyo city for 1-6 persons.

New activity started in February 2017 to help travellers who are vegan/vegetarian or have difficulties enjoying Japanese food due to the specificities of their religion!

Discover Japanese vegetables, make vegan sushi with experienced chefs then savour the healthy food you prepared during vegan sushi-making workshops organized by Yes In Japan! The ingredients may include avocado, coconut, ginger, nori seaweed, okra, shiitake mushrooms... and the favourite rice of your cooking lesson's teacher 🙂

Vegan sushi

Gathering: To be announced.

E-mail us today to get details or organize a workshop for you & your group (friends, colleagues...) in English (several chefs are bilingual), French (typically with Sébastien Duval as assistant) or Japanese language (great for foreign language students).

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