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Discover Tokyo area for 8-9 hours with a tour conductor/guide speaking English or French. The basic price of this 1 day personalized private tour is per group, not per person, so it is quite cheap if you are a family, group of friends...

We can meet early in the morning at your hotel or ryokan if needed 🙂

Tour reference: P14B

Consider reserving a 1-day private tour if you spend holidays in Japan with your family or friends, do a business trip in Asia with colleagues who do not speak Japanese, attend an international conference in Tokyo with researchers or students... Also consider reserving a 1-day private tour if you have only one day in Tokyo and are not sure how to get the best from it.

Family looking at carps in a pond at Happo-en (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.

During a 1-day private tour in Tokyo, you could for example eat great sushi at Tsukiji fish market, discover the recently renovated Kabuki-za theatre, savour a green tea in a nice tea house surrounded by trees and flowers, walk in small streets, meet shopkeepers, and end the day with a great night view or even live music! If the weather is not so good, you could instead admire Japanese samurai swords, traditional kimono dresses, Buddhist statues, Shinto lanterns at night, and the interior of a gorgeous wedding centre...

Kabuki-za theatre (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.

During a 1-day private tour near Tokyo, you can for example leave early for Hakone to see Mount Fuji, enjoy Japanese art, drink green tea while looking at a lake then relax at a hot spring. You could also enter a bamboo grove, see an impressive statue of Buddha and write a sutra in Kamakura! Of course, we can also accompany you to a Japanese festival or other special event.

Mount Fuji seen from Hakone (Japan) in April 2014.

You can extend the tour beyond 8 hours per day if you wish (4.000 yens per extra hour). In addition to the basic price, you will also have to pay the transportation and entrance fees, food and drinks for your group and the assistant. Based on your your interests and requests, we will plan the tour and send you a final cost evaluation.
Try to make an early reservation, especially if you wish a tour conductor/guide at night, on week-ends, public holidays, or busy periods: New year (first week of January), cherry blossoms (March/April), Golden Week (end of April and beginning of May), and autumn leaves (October/November).
Autumn leaves in Japan near Tokyo in November 2005.

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2 thoughts on “1 day private tour in/near Tokyo

  1. Hello,

    Are you available for a Tokyo full day tour around July 21 ?? (in French language)

    Thank you in advance !


    1. Yes Jordan, we are available and e-mailed you yesterday evening 🙂 Contact our team at Travel Stand Japan if you have not received our reply.

      Our French staff looks forward to showing you Tokyo in July! Bonne soirée,

      The Yes in Japan team, from Tokyo.

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