Buddhism and Shintoism in Kamakura

1-day tour in Kamakura city with departure from Tokyo (or Kamakura if you stay at a local hotel) under preparation for spring 2015.

Kamakura city is famous as ancient capital of Japan under the rule of the samurai, and as the site of the impressive Great Buddha of Kamakura (height of this big bronze statue: 13 metres).

During this tour, visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, drink green tea in a bamboo grove, ride a cute train… and meet Buddha, the goddess of mercy Kannon, the goddess of music Benzaiten, the protector of children and travellers Jizo, the god of archery and war Hachiman… You may even have the chance to join an activity and write a sutra with a Buddhist monk!

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1-day private tour in English or French in Tokyo (1-8 persons)

A well-timed, touching and unforgettable artistic experience in Japan! Admire and learn about real samurai swords, kimono dresses, traditional handmade washi paper and origami, paintings and carvings on walls and ceilings, hundreds of Buddhist statues (real masterpieces), Shinto lanterns lit up at night, and the interior of a gorgeous wedding centre with its garden and waterfalls…

We strongly recommend you this unique tour if you are interested in Japanese culture, fine arts, traditional crafts, or even martial arts!

Japanese arts in Tokyo: nature, kimono, washi umbrellas...

Samurai sword in Tokyo.

Shinto lanterns at night in Tokyo.

Departure: From your hotel in Tokyo every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in May and June 2014.
Reservation recommended: 2 business days before your chosen date.
34.000 yens per group plus 3.000 per person.

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Japanese Gods Grand Tour

2~2½ hours walk in English in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

You wonder about the Japanese gods and mythical creatures? You are interested in Buddhism and in Japan’s ancient religion Shintoism? Then, this walk is for YOU! Travel through the mystic world of Japan in a little-known district of Tokyo…

Do not miss this dense walking tour with a rare engraved wall, fox army, hidden dragon, salt Jizo, peaceful Kannon, Lucky/Happy Gods and a Buddhist temple in a kindergarten! To see holy statues and other objects at close range, you may even step on tatami mats inside a big Buddhist temple… Our English speaker knowing the area and Japanese culture will show you the way, reveal interesting and fun objects, and provide background information. Unique and enlightening!

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Japanese Gods Grand Tour: Small statues of foxes and holy gates in a Shinto pit at Takuzosu-inari (Tokyo, Japan) in February 2014.
Japanese Gods Grand Tour: Sleeping Buddha at the Buddhist temple Denzuin (Tokyo, Japan) in February 2014.
Tour departure: Tokyo Dome Hotel or Hotel Niwa Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan).
Available on: Every day in 2014 and 2015. (recommended starting time: 09:30)
Main area visited: Bunkyo ward, Tokyo city, Japan.
Children discount: 2.000 yens

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Zen Meditation at a Buddhist Temple in Tokyo

Zen Meditation activity in Tokyo under preparation for spring 2015.

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Price: ¥10.000,00