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Walking tour in Tokyo with English-speaking guide for 2-8 participants.

In Japan, flower lovers enjoy cherry blossoms ("sakura" in Japanese) by day and by night in Spring... We propose you to do just that, starting with the impressive path leading to the main hall of Yasukuni Shinto shrine by daylight and continuing with dense rows of cherry trees along a canal lit up by lanterns when the sky darkens. Our English-speaking guide will lead you through the most beautiful and romantic paths of cherry blossoms... On the way back, will you buy Sakura cakes or sweets to get a Japanese taste of Spring?

We strongly recommend you this walking tour if you want a sweet time in Tokyo, love the grace and perfume of cherry blossoms, and wish a taste of Japanese life. Live unforgettable holidays in Japan with a sweet, sweet Sakura evening in Tokyo 🙂

Note: The dates of this walking tour may change; the walking tour will happen only if cherry blossoms have appeared.
Current calendar for 2015: 15 March to 15 April with departures at 17:00 from Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo.
Tour Reference: W14G
Sakura at Yasukuni shrine (Tokyo, Japan).

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