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2~2½ hours walking tour in English or French in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

Kagurazaka is one of the pearls of Tokyo! Feel love at the shrine site of the first Shinto wedding, discover a charming maze of small streets in Kagurazaka, and enter a beautiful modern shrine with intriguing lucky charms and a bright coffee shop! On the way back, we will introduce you to the shopping street and to products of Japan's culture at shops for Japanese sweets, green tea, gorgeous kimono dresses, flower-shaped hairpins... This romantic walk is wonderful in Spring 🙂

Charming small street in Kagurazaka (Tokyo, Japan).

Japanese girls and women praying to find true love at the Shinto shrine Tokyo-daijingu.

Departure: Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo from Monday to Friday in May and June 2014.
Recommended starting time: 09:30, 16:15.

Reservation recommended: 1 business day before your tour to enable us to check whether a Shinto wedding ceremony is scheduled at one of the visited shrines and to adapt the tour accordingly.

Discount for children: 2.000 yens

If you are lucky, you may see a charming Japanese bride in white kimono at a Shinto shrine during this walking tour in Chiyoda and Shinjuku wards, like happened to a nice couple of travellers from Sweden in April 2014: Japanese bride in white kimono at Tokyo-daijingu (Tokyo, Japan) in April 2014.
If you join this walking tour in Spring, you may admire pink cherry blossoms at that Shinto shrine like our Swedish travellers did in April 2014: Pink cherry blossoms at Tokyo-daijingu Shinto shrine (Tokyo, Japan) on 11 April 2014.

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