Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?

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2~2½ hours walking tour in English in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

Nice in any season with a blue sky, rain or snow, this walk was our most popular morning/evening walk in Japan from 2013 to April 2014: from France, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines and the USA... everybody looked happy!

Feel the Japanese artistic sense through traditional and modern paper-based creations and through diverse religious designs... We will visit a dedicated centre and an exciting Shinto shrine where you may see many types of colourful "Washi" handmade paper, origami, Japanese paper dolls, Asian cut paper, statues of gods and horses, translucent and golden lanterns (wonderful when lit up at night)...

Insight Into Art: Crane-shaped Origami at an origami centre in Tokyo.

Insight Into Art: Statue of the god Ebisu at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

Insight Into Art: Roof of a Shinto shrine, statue of a guardian dog and lanterns in Tokyo.

Departure: Hotel Niwa Tokyo in Tokyo from Monday to Friday in May and June 2014.
Recommended starting times: 09:30 and 16:30.

Reservation recommended: 1 day before your tour.

Discount for children: 2.000 yens

If you love Japanese art, traditions and religion, join "Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?" in Tokyo in 2014/2015! If you are lucky, you may even meet a holy horse, Japanese artist or origami master for a paper folding demonstration! An American participant could even try a gorgeous samurai helmet made from paper at the workshop of the origami centre! Unexpectedly, most participants do shopping during this walk, buying beautiful Japanese paper, cute prayer plaques or unique lucky charms...

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