After the War: Fighters and Civilians

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2~2½ hours walk in English in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

During this tour, visit the famous/infamous Yasukuni shrine, view relics of World War 2 and enter a museum revealing the Showa Era, a few years before the war and the following years (1935-1955). Expect to see army gear, a Zero fighter plane, Japanese newspapers, and old black & white photos. This travel through time is a great way to form your opinion about Imperial and occupied Japan... and about the life of Japanese grandparents!

Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo (Japan) on a beautiful day.

Zero fighter plane from World War 2 in Tokyo (Japan).

Departure: Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo from Tuesday to Friday in 2014 (September, October, November, December) and 2015 (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September). Departure possible from another hotel in Chiyoda ward or from Kudanshita station.
Recommended starting time: 09:30.

Discount for children: 2.000 yens

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