Hiking and hot spring in Kamakura (Spring 2015)

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Hiking near Tokyo under preparation for spring 2015 (from 01 April); e-mail us to know more now 🙂

Enjoy nature in Japan with a walk in Kamakura area, going to Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, hiking in a Japanese forest... and ride a cute train to soak in a hot spring and watch the sea before dinner! An English-speaker or French-speaker will accompany you all along.

Departure at 08:00 from your hotel in Tokyo/Yokohama (or 09:00 from Kamakura train station if you stay at a local hotel).
Lunch and dinner included (option: vegetarian/vegan).

Price: 38.000 yens + 8.000 yens per participant




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Price: ¥46.000,00

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