Akihabara Crazy World

2~2½ hours walk in English in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

New morning/evening walk started in April 2014 following requests from our customers from Mexico and the USA!

Discover surprising exciting facets of Japan in Akihabara's maze! This Geek & Otaku kingdom has anime/manga/figurines shops, cosplay costumes speciality shops, electronics and robot stores, retro game centres with video games from (before?) your childhood, Japanese girls from maid cafés in maid uniforms...

Street of Akihabara in Tokyo during the evening.

Retro game centre with old video games in Tokyo.

Departure: Akihabara station in Tokyo on Wednesday (16:30) and Friday (09:30) in April 2014.

Discount for children: 2.000 yens

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