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2~2½ hours walk in English in Tokyo for 1-8 persons.

We strongly recommend you this walk if you love the traditional and ancient "Made in Japan", want shopping ideas, and wish to meet/interact with Japanese people during your holidays in Japan.

Explore Japanese life and culture by visiting shops in Jimbocho. Look, listen, touch and get answers to your questions about traditional and everyday life objects. You will typically discover Wagashi cakes, Washi paper, Mamebon books, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, ancient maps, fun family card games...

Mamebon book from a Japanese shop in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).

Our English speaker knowing the area and Japanese culture will lead you from little shop to little shop, introducing you to the shopkeepers and to their products, and will translate your questions (English to Japanese) and the shopkeepers' answers (Japanese to English). Feel free to buy sweets, souvenirs and gifts for your children and friends!

Holding a shamisen with a shopkeeper in Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan).

Departure: Jimbocho station in Tokyo on Monday (13:00), Wednesday (13:00) and Friday (13:00) in April 2014.

Discount for children: 2.000 yens

Note: this walk starts near Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.

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