Reservation, Price and Payment


For practical reasons, we require reservations for all Yes in Japan Japanese activities, walks and tours in Tokyo. Please read our latest Terms & Conditions before booking and contact us if you have any question.

You can book at our travel agency, by phone, by e-mail or on our Yes in Japan English Website until 18:30 on the last business day before the tour/walk/activity. You can check the dates of the Japanese public holidays on our site if needed.

If you wish to join a tour/walk/activity normally planned on a different day or hour, please contact us to check availability. We will be glad to make your trip in Japan a greater experience 🙂

Price and Payment

Our prices are in yens, all taxes included. You can pay at the gathering spot just before the tour/walk/activity or earlier at our travel agency. Please prepare the exact amount in cash (we may accept credit cards for amounts superior to 10.000 yens). Payments in foreign money are currently unavailable.

Yes in Japan!