Shopping in Tokyo: Laox Akihabara Store (camera, cosmetics, souvenir…)

You can buy various tax-free products at Laox Akihabara Main Store near Akihabara train station in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward:

  • Floor 1 – Computers, digital audio, digital cameras, foreign films.
  • Floor 2 – Electronics and home appliances for overseas.
  • Floor 3 – Games, hobby, Hello Kitty goods.
  • Floor 4 – Folk and traditional crafts, food, souvenirs, sports goods.
  • Floor 5 – Jewellery, watches.
  • Floor 6 – Cosmetics, medicine.
  • Floor 7 – Outlet, premium fashion.

If you have questions, Laox staff can answer in Japanese, English, Chinese… A precious service in Japan!

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