Shopping for ukiyo-e in Japan at Tokyo’s Ebisudo Gallery

At Ebisudo Gallery, you can buy Japanese woodblock prints/paintings from the Edo period, Meiji period or modern era, representing a samurai, a Japanese lady in kimono, the fours seasons of Japan, a Buddhist temple, Mount Fuji… This art shop in Chiyoda ward sells ukiyo-e originals (5.000 to 40.000 yens and beyond!) by famous artists as well as cheap reproductions and ukiyo-e calendars. Ebisudo Gallery currently selling the 2015 Calendar “Hasui” for 1.300 yens. We liked this small shop; check it out if you go on a shopping tour in Tokyo!
Ukiyo-e woodblock print with the Hota coast in Awa province at Ebisudo gallery (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Ebisudo Gallery is open from 11:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Saturday. The nice Japanese lady running the business speaks English and French; call 03-3219-7651 for information or ask your hotel’s staff to contact this specialist store for you. Near Jimbocho subway station and Sakura Hotel & Café Jimbocho, Ebisudo Gallery is the Japanese art gallery marked “4” on the Yes in Japan free map of Tokyo Chiyoda ward for autumn/winter 2014.

Of course, you can pay your ukiyo-e purchases at Ebisudo Gallery by credit card and ask for international delivery. Traditional art but modern business 🙂