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New tour in Tokyo: “Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo”

Our travel agency just launched a Yes in Japan original tour in Tokyo for Spring 2014: “Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo” (reference W14C). Our travel agents strongly recommend you this quiet walking tour if you wish a taste of Japanese love, traditional culture, and hidden romantic Japan.

Charming small street in Kagurazaka (Tokyo, Japan).

Feel love at the shrine where the first Shinto wedding ceremony reputedly occurred, discover a charming maze of small streets in Kagurazaka, and emerge at a beautiful modern holy site that features intriguing lucky charms and a bright coffee shop! Our English-speaking guide will show you the way (visitors easily get lost in Kagurazaka), will point out interesting spots and objects, and will provide background information. On the way back, our guide will introduce you to various shops where you can spend time before leaving Tokyo, depending on your interests.

Japanese girl drinking holy water before Tokyo-daijingu's dragon.

Current calendar for March 2014: Tuesday 18 and Tuesday 25 with departures at 09:30 from the convenient Hotel Grand Palace. Follow the link below to see more photos, get new information and make an online reservation.

Go beyond modern Tokyo to feel the eternal Japanese spirit during your stay in Japan!



  • Kagurazaka = 神楽坂, Tokyo = 東京.
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu).