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09 June 2014: 36th All Japan Elders Martial Arts Tournament at Nippon-budokan (Tokyo)

If the Japanese Way of the Warrior attracts you, attend the surprising 36th All Japan Elders Martial Arts Tournament on Monday 09 June 2014 at Nippon-budokan (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)… Athletic Japanese elders (men and women) will compete with armours and bamboo swords using kendo techniques (Way of The Sword) or wooden replicas of rifles using jukendo techniques (Japanese martial art of bayonet fighting) in front of the general public! You can enter for free from 08:00 to watch everything from 09:00 to 14:30…
Nippon-budokan in Tokyo (Japan) in 2014.

Enjoy real Japanese holidays by watching kendo and jukendo fights this Spring! If you wish to stay at a hotel close to the Nippon-budokan, consider booking at Hotel Grand Palace. To also learn about real samurai weapons and culture, we recommend you to reserve our 1-day tour “Insight Into Japanese Arts In Tokyo” or to request a personalized Yes in Japan tour 🙂 Note that we can also help you buy kendo equipment in Tokyo…

Live a unique experience when you travel to Japan!



  • All Japan Elders Martial Arts Tournament = All Japan Koreisha Budo Taikai = 全日本高齢者武道大会 (Zen-nippon-koreisha-budo-taikai).
  • Kendo = 剣道, Jukendo = 銃剣道, Nippon-budokan = 日本武道館.
  • Chiyoda ward = 千代田区 (Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo = 東京.