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Rental in Tokyo: Bicycles at Rin Project Customer Shop

Rent a bicycle and ride it in Tokyo or from Tokyo to Kamakura or Saitama! In Asakusa area, Rin Project Customer Shop is a Japanese designer and maker of cycling accessories/clothes made in Japan since 2003. Reserve early!

Cycling from Rin Project Customer Shop (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Bicycle rental (1 day): 3.240 yens
  • Bicycle rental (2 days): 5.400 yens
  • Rin Project helmet: 12.960 yens
  • Rin Project trousers: 11.880 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card when renting or shopping at Rin Project Customer Shop.

Green tourism in Japan: Bicycle rental at Tokyo’s Akihabara UDX building

In Tokyo, you can rent a bicycle at the building Akihabara UDX. Add a cheap touch of green tourism to your stay in Japan, with or without guide!
Bicycle at Akihabara UDX building (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Some staff speaks English; call 03-5289-0989 to get information or ask the Japanese staff of your hotel/ryokan to discuss the bicycle rental on your behalf. Near Akihabara subway/train station, the building Akihabara UDX is marked “35” on the Yes in Japan tourist map of Tokyo Chiyoda for autumn/winter 2014.

Akihabara/Kanda area in Tokyo: Made in Japan, food, statue, bicycle rental

Enter two parallel worlds in Tokyo near Akihabara and Kanda JR stations! Modern and traditional “Made in Japan”… Foreign and Japanese food… Shinto and anime design… This autumn and winter, the Yes in Japan team particularly recommends:

Handmade fan, sumo kokeshi, Mount Fuji cups, and accessories at Kanda Chonko (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

This area is great to visit if you stay at a hotel in Chiyoda ward, study the Japanese language at a school in Akihabara, or go to the nearby Tokyo Dome City, Jimbocho Book Town or East Gardens of the Imperial Palace!