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Shopping in Tokyo: Free sembei rice crackers at Mitsugien in spring & summer 2015 ☺

Show our Get Japan map of Tokyo including Iidabashi station when you purchase Japanese tea or boxes at Mitsugien tea store in Chiyoda ward to get a free bag of sembei rice crackers! This healthy and delicious offer is valid all spring and summer 2015 🙂

Shopping in Tokyo: Acquire fine Japanese antiques at Sankei-shoten!

Sankei-shoten is a family business selling splendid antiques and artworks since 1955! Find bowls and utensils for tea ceremonies, lacquered boxes and tableware, saké glasses, go-stone containers… Check it!
Acquire fine Japanese antiques at Sankei-shoten (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan)!

Open: Variable…

Phone: (+81) 03-5212-4445
Credit cards: Accepted.
Labels: Japanese.

Sankei-shoten is the specialist shop 13 in the section C2 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).