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Tour near Tokyo: Lucky Vegan in Kamakura

Lucky charms

Discover Japanese lucky charms and eat delicious Japanese vegetables & desserts with us 🙂 Meet our lively tour guide at Kamakura JR train station (or at your hotel in Tokyo metropolis or Yokohama city) then walk and ride a cute train in Japan’s ancient capital city Kamakura to see, touch and listen to diverse Shinto & Buddhist talismans and votive (prayer) plaques.

Explaining in good English, the French collector of “omamori” lucky charms Sébastien Duval (our certified guide) will certainly make you think differently about the life & thoughts of Japanese people! Looking for a new job? Anxious about your safety during your trip? Excited to see a strawberry that makes dreams come true? Find a surprising lucky charm for you or to give to somebody back in your country…

This 1-day tour by Yes in Japan is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and many other people with restrictions on their food & drinks due to their faith 🙂

Learn more about this tour and reserve before you travel to Japan in 2017, 2018, 2019…:

From Qatar for autumn photos in Tokyo, gifts made in Japan and a vegetarian buffet!

We guided a businessman from Qatar in Tokyo today, for the last day of his first stay in Japan. Leaving in a comfortable car from Tokyo Dome Hotel, we visited a Japanese garden, ate at a vegetarian restaurant, bought gifts at a shop owned by a couple of Japanese artisans, saw many tourist spots, and visited holy sites.

To make great photos of Japanese autumn with the morning light, we first strolled in the peaceful Rikugien garden (Bunkyo ward, Tokyo). Coming from Qatar, the traveller was particularly pleased with the seasonal yellow grass, trees with red leaves, green pine trees, and mirror-like pond, which were gorgeous under a big blue sky! The singing birds, lively carps, wooden bridge, lanterns, teahouse, and numerous Japanese grandmothers and grandfathers made this time very enjoyable 🙂
Tree with red leaves and yellow grass at Rikugien garden (Bunkyo ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Stone lantern and autumn leaves at Rikugien garden (Bunkyo ward, Tokyo, Japan).

We lunched early at Petit Bonheur in Chiyoda ward, enjoying a vegetarian buffet with fragrant and tasty vegetables and fruits from Japan. This popular restaurant was full but only two other men were in sight; we were surrounded by Japanese women!

After coffee, we looked at old buildings in the Kanda area of Chiyoda ward and went shopping at the wonderful shop Kanda Chonko to buy high-quality handmade gifts made in Japan for the businessman’s family: Japanese fans, bags, hairpins, a sumo wrestler kokeshi doll, a decoration made using rice grains, a miniature with a Japanese boy and girl in kimono…
Takemura (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Our driver proposed a scenic tour to see and photograph important places in Tokyo before going to the Asakusa district: Tokyo train station, the fortifications of the Imperial Palace, the Ministry of Justice (old and new buildings), the National Diet Building, Tokyo Tower… and lines of beautiful trees with yellow leaves!
Tokyo Tower (Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan).

In Taito ward, we took an elevator for a great panoramic view of Asakusa: Asahi Breweries headquarters, Tokyo Skytree, Senso-ji Buddhist temple, the pagoda, the shopping street… We then entered the Thunder Gate, shopped lightly in the shopping street, received a handwritten document with a holy seal at Senso-ji Buddhist temple, visited Asakusa Shinto Shrine, and ate shrimp sushi 🙂 After that, it was time to go catch the flight back to Qatar at Narita international airport…

Update on 02 December 2014: A Japanese partner of the Qatari businessman called to thank us; our tour in Tokyo was praised 🙂 In fact, our English-speaking staff also spent a very pleasant autumn day thanks to this friendly visitor!

If you too wish to visit Tokyo with us, reserve a 1-day Yes in Japan private tour.

Sumi-e postcard: Immovable Wisdom King at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Tokyo)

Share the fierce side of Buddhism with your friends and colleagues far from Asia thanks to Japanese cards painted by the sumi-e master HONDA Toyokuni! This black & white postcard features the immovable king of wisdom Fudo-myo-o in flames, holding his sword and rope, served by two boys:
Sumi-e postcard with the immovable king of wisdom at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

This sumi-e postcard is sold in Japan at the art shop Toyokuni Atelier Studio near Jimbocho and Kudanshita stations in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward.

Sumi-e postcard: Disciple of Buddha with a hidden heart at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Tokyo)

Share Buddhist wisdom with sumi-e postcards created by the Japanese artist HONDA Toyokuni! The original artwork below represents a disciple of Buddha wearing a coat painted using the kanji meaning “Heart”… You can get this spiritual card in Japan at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo):
Sumi-e postcard with a disciple of Buddha at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Easy to find, the art store is in Jimbocho Book Town between Jimbocho and Kudanshita subway stations.

2014-2015 Activity/tour in Tokyo area

Enjoy traditional activities and tours in Tokyo city, Mount Fuji, Hakone hot springs area, Kamakura “samurai city”… even on weekends and Japanese national holidays with a Yes in Japan English/French speaker who knows the area, Japanese culture and language!

Activities in Tokyo.Japanese activities in Tokyo
Walking tours in Tokyo.Walking tours in Tokyo
Organized tours in Japan: Mount Fuji, Hakone...Organized tours in Japan
Personalized private tours in Japan: Tokyo, Kamakura...Personalized private tours in Japan

Popular themes: Japan 2014Japan 2015Autumn leaves & Cherry blossoms “Sakura”Buddhism & ShintoGreen teaJapanese artJapanese martial arts & SumoMount FujiNightVery Important People

Have fun, discover and learn about the Japanese people and life during your trip in Japan!

Jizo & tengu plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple (Kamakura, Japan)

We saw beautiful holy plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple after a hike in the forest of Kamakura during the Golden Week. Our photo below shows plaques decorated with Jizo (Buddhist protector of travellers and children) on the left and a tengu (protector from Japanese folk religion) on the right:
Jizo and tengu plaques at Kencho-ji Buddhist temple (Kamakura, Japan)

Our travel manager made many lovely 1-day trips to Kamakura from Tokyo with small groups. Contact us if you wish to visit or hike in Kamakura during your stay in Tokyo this Spring; we can organize a personalized 1-day tour or 2-day tour with hotel in Kamakura.

Would you buy a wooden plaque as souvenir or suspend it at the temple after writing a prayer on it during your travel in Japan?



  • Kencho-ji = 建長寺, Kamakura = 鎌倉.

Spiritual tour in Tokyo: Calendar for May & June 2014

You can now join our walking tour in Tokyo “Japanese Gods Grand Tourin English or French on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in May and June 2014. Try to book at least two business days before your chosen date to enable us to discuss with Buddhist monks beforehand (you may be able to see more this way).

Penetrate deep Japan to learn about the Japanese gods, mythical creatures, Buddhism, and Japan’s ancient religion Shintoism! This should also reveal much about the Japanese society and Japanese people’s way of thinking…

Spiritual tour: Shinto gates and foxes in Tokyo.

This spiritual tour in Bunkyo ward usually starts at the convenient Tokyo Dome Hotel but we remain flexible, like our calendar.



  • Buddhism = 仏教 (Bukkyo), Shintoism = 神道 (Shinto).
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel = 東京ドームホテル (Tokyo-domu-hotelu), Tokyo = 東京.

New tour “Insight Into Japanese Arts in Tokyo”

Travel Stand Japan just launched the Yes in Japan unique tour “Insight Into Japanese Arts in Tokyo” (reference T14B). We strongly recommend you this new 1-day private tour in English or French for up to 8 persons if you are interested in Japanese culture, fine arts, traditional crafts, or even martial arts!

Japanese arts in Tokyo: nature, kimono, washi umbrellas...

Admire and learn about samurai swords, kimono dresses, traditional handmade washi paper and origami, paintings and carvings on walls and ceilings, hundreds of Buddhist statues (real masterpieces), Shinto lanterns lit up at night, and the interior of a gorgeous wedding centre with its garden and waterfalls… This is a well-timed, touching and unforgettable artistic experience in Japan 🙂

Samurai sword in Tokyo.

Calendar for May and June 2014: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with departures from your hotel in Tokyo. We recommend you to make a reservation at least two business days before your chosen date. Please follow the link below to get up-to-date information and book this tour online.

Shinto lanterns at night in Tokyo.

Make your holidays in Japan unforgettable!


  • Art of paper folding = 折り紙 (Origami), Japanese paper = 和紙 (Washi).
  • Kimono = 着物, Samurai = 侍.
  • Tokyo = 東京.

Get ready for our activities and walks in Tokyo!

We prepare our activities and walks with care to make them fun and interesting for you as well as authentic and beneficial to the locals. Still, we may have to adapt them due to the weather, religious/special events, busyness at shops… Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Our walks in Tokyo last 2~2½ hours. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes adapted to the weather and suitable for walks. Japan has no special dress code for its streets, Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines but avoid big bags for narrow/crowded places. Do not forget your camera and wallet 🙂

Japanese Gods Grand Tour: Shinto gates and foxes at Takuzosu-inari (Tokyo, Japan) in February 2014.

Our activities in Tokyo last 1~1½ hours. We may remove our shoes and sit on tatami mats so please wear socks matching the season and clothes letting you sit comfortably without a chair. Also avoid strong perfume just before the activity. Thanks!

Washi Paper Time in Tokyo: diverse Japanese paper, collage illustrating Mount Fuji...

If you have any question, do not hesitate to e-mail, call or visit the Yes in Japan team in Tokyo.

Golden Week 2014 in Tokyo: Calendar of activities & walks in English

Yes in Japan organizes walks and activities in English in Tokyo during the Golden Week 2014 (26 April 2014 to 06 May 2014) as indicated in the calendar below:

28 April 2014
09:30 at Hotel Niwa Tokyo
Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?
(Walk W14B)
13:00 at Jimbocho
Shopkeepers x Japanese Culture
(Walk W14A)
16:15 at Hotel Grand Palace
Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo
(Walk W14C)
29 April 2014
30 April 2014
09:30 at Hotel Grand Palace
Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo
(Walk W14C)
13:00 at Jimbocho
Shopkeepers x Japanese Culture
(Walk W14A)
16:30 at Akihabara
Akihabara Crazy World
(Walk W14H)
01 May 2014
09:30 at Hotel Grand Palace
After the War: Fighters and Civilians
(Walk W14E)
14:00 at Jimbocho
Washi paper time
(Activity A14B)
14:00 at Jimbocho
Japanese games time
(Activity A14C)
16:30 at Hotel Niwa Tokyo
Insight Into Art: Origami? Shinto?
(Walk W14B)
02 May 2014
09:30 at Akihabara
Akihabara Crazy World
(Walk W14H)
13:00 at Jimbocho
Shopkeepers x Japanese Culture
(Walk W14A)
16:15 at Hotel Grand Palace
Kagurazaka, Charming Tokyo
(Walk W14C)

Prepare well your Golden Week 2014 in Japan because banks, restaurants and diverse other shops will close (completely or early) even in Tokyo! Take care during your tour of Japan and enjoy your holidays 🙂

Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo (Japan).